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Huffpost is shutting down after more than five years German publisher Burda forwards. Huffpost Deutschland will cease operations March thirty first Berta forwards license the German version of the site since two thousand thirteen running. It's news and revenue. Streams company said its partnership with huffpost international was always results oriented and constructive, but the two sides of decided to end their cooperation because the partners are now pursuing different business strategies. Last year's data breach involving Marianne owned hotels. Those led a group of class action law firms to file a lawsuit over the hack. The daily record reports Marriott International, inC is being sued by one hundred seventy six plaintiffs from all fifty states the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in federal court. The chain confirmed last year hackers compiled stolen data from reservation systems used by Starwood hotels and resorts worldwide, inC for four years it estimates. Three hundred eighty three million guests were affected the plaintiffs asserted, Starwood and Marietta failed to identify the breach and notify those affected in a timely manner. Plaintiffs attorneys say Marietta should've discovered the breach during its acquisition of Starwood in two thousand sixteen. Consumer prices slipped point one percent last month pulled down by sharply. Lower gas prices and cheaper airfares used cars and mobile phone plants. The Labor Department says the consumer price index rose just one point nine percent in December from a year earlier the first time it had fallen below two percent since August of twenty seventeen excluding the volatile energy and food categories core. Prices rose point two percent for the third month in a row they rose two point two percent from a year ago for the second straight month, the figures suggest the healthy academies. Not yet creating widespread inflation pressures, which gives the Federal Reserve more leeway in deciding whether to raise interest rates. Missing teen is back home. I'm Tim Maguire AP news minute thirteen year old Jamie cloth, abducted last October from her Wisconsin home. After her parents were killed has been reunited with relatives. And baron. Wisconsin Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald says the twenty one year old Jake Paterson had no known contact with the close family before the attack. We don't believe there was a social media connection. And we're determining how he became aware of Jamie the girl escaped yesterday from the cabin where she had been held in a rural area near the town of Gordon at some sixty miles from baron Patterson as court appearance on Monday, partial government, shutdown likely to be the longest in US history. President Trump's softens is pushed to issue an emergency declaration to take the wall funding issue out of the hands of congress the absolute right to do it. But I'm not gonna do it so fast because this is something congress should do.

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