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Biggest sale all year is going on now with an extra 20% savings and expanded selection in store designer appearances and special financing imagine 20% off diamonds directs already value prices. On rings, earrings, bracelets bands, colored gemstone jewelry and thousands of engagement ring mounting. Meet the designers who've flown in with all new collections for sprays, the most exciting event all year with extreme savings and exceptional value. Don't miss this once a year, jewelry extravaganza details showroom hours, directions and more at diamonds direct dot com. Gather in Baltimore at an FCF flagship event. Technet cyber, may 2nd through fourth, cyber leaders convene to discuss network and plan for the whole of government effort to meet global cybersecurity challenges Be a part of the conversation led by the honorable John Sherman, Department of Defense, CIO, lieutenant general Robert skinner, director of disa, and general Paul nakasone, commander of U.S. cyber command, and director National Security Agency. Info at event FCA dot org slash FCA cyber 23. Coming up can the Nats pull off a sweep in Minnesota this afternoon. Sports in ten minutes on WTO. Mom, dad, sis. Here we go again. Why are you in a suit? Picture if you will, a world with the best network imaginable. I'm talking about the Xfinity tenji network. Go on. Mom, remember how your reality shows wouldn't load with all of us online? Now you can binge. And Susie will have fast Internet in the basement. Nice. If you have any questions, here's my card. This is just your name on a gum wrapper. Introducing

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