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The Olen Dynasty begins the same year that Canada was born. Eighteen sixty seven as the company is always telling us at six generations in the ruining business that year Susannah Oland opened a brewery in Nova Scotia. She ran the business and was the chief brewer but her husband's name was on the paperwork. Susannah Oland and her husband. Who came from England Jon in eighteen sixty seven to dartmouth and they started a brewery turtle cove and Dartmouth and eventually they moved across the Paul Fox Harbour to set up shop and Halifax the brewery was a success? After Susannah Oland died. She passed the business onto her son's a tradition that would continue for the next century in one thousand nine hundred seventeen the brewing business hit a bit of a speed bump Halifax explosion. God look at that. Not only was the brewery destroyed but one of the Oland sons was killed so the third generation of the family took over brewery in Saint John after the Halifax explosion. The interesting thing about one while they took over the brewery in he runs it for the first ten years and when they bought James Ready Beer in the west side prohibition was still underway. So you think about that. You're investing in a brewery during prohibition Bishen and so they made low alcohol beer soft drinks and things like that. When prohibition was lifted Moosehead was the only game in town if you're going to Salvia in New Brunswick it was advantageous of naked in New Brunswick and they had the only to lose moosehead continued to do well and by the nineteen eighties? It was the largest Canadian owned brewery in the country. Here's a commercial from that time. Did you know that ninety. Four percent of the beer brewed this country to breweries some choice. Mussa Lucite isn't booed by the big to its by the oldest independent brewery in Canada still owned and operated by the original family since eighteen. Sixty seven Richard. Toland had been a vice president at Moosehead in the nineteen eighties. His father was deciding who would run the company when he died. Richer had two other siblings his brother Derek and his sister Jane Derek had spent some time in charge of things in Nova Scotia and at one point moved back. The father had to decide which son is going to run and things will be the CEO so to speak according to many of the stories. Derek at one point had threatened to were planning to move to Australia. I believe in New Zealand and that seemed seemed forced the father's hand he made Derek. The eldest son had Guy Richard then sort of departed in Hof. Richard was forced out out of the business but he's never really gone. Because I think Phil helped set him up with a trucking company that became one of the bigger trucking companies in the region in in one of the main clients for that. Trucking company was Moosehead. Right plus he still has some shares Moose as well. So he's not involved running moosehead you said after the parting of the ways which was supposed to be acrimonious. But he's certainly benefiting from the Moosehead connection and the Family Richard Oland was well respected affected the Saint John Community. He was the chair of the one thousand nine hundred five candidates. Summer Games widely hailed as success he was involved with business development groups and the local Catholic Diocese. He was chair of the Board of the New Brunswick Museum. He was given an honorary doctorate by the University of New Brunswick was awarded an order of Canada. So when when Richard Oland was found dead July morning in twenty eleven it was a shock to the New Brunswick establishment his funeral was a meeting of the New Brunswick elite the premier was there were numerous cabinet ministers. Mla's lieutenant governor so were members of New Brunswick's other famous dynasties the Irving's McCain's canes but also present were the cops taking photos of everyone and tracking. Who was there just as they would for the funeral of a Mafia dawn at the funeral a journalist took a photo that would become infamous? It was Dennis Oland walking with his wife Lisa. Lisa's and tears but Dennis S.. Dennis is smiling.

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