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Second round of the playoffs, and when they're serious with the Penguins or Islanders does begin, the bees will be able to operate it almost full capacity at the Garden starting this weekend, team President Cam Neely spoke today about what that's going to mean to him to see the building packed again, maybe show everybody that life's returning to somewhat normal. I know the players are excited about more fans in the building. I'm certainly it does bring so much more energy and excitement when there is fans in the building, especially a playoff time. Brian and finale WBZ Boston's news radio all ticks in Brooklyn tonight, Game two against the Nets, about seven minutes left in the first quarter. The Nets are up 16 13. And over at Fenway Park right now, Red Sox hosting the Atlanta Braves, and they're up one zip at the top of the 2nd 43. It's time for traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. And here's My Yeah, thanks for the call. Well, it's nice and quiet on the highways right now. This time around, it's good, good time to hit the highways. The expressway. Leads it off, and it's clear from the tunnel down past east Milton Square North Bounce Good coming in 12 minutes. Braintree up to the only old tunnel Route three South is clear. You can do the speed limit all the way down past Route 14 and Ducks parade Tonight. The lower ends of 1 28 93 just fine between say Needham and Braintree and 95 is clear to the Rhode Island line. Up to the north. The operator 1 20 eight's good, Really Nothing in your way from the pike. All the way into Beverly 93 is clear into Salem, New Hampshire. And no complaints on Rue One downtown. Nice and easy here. Storrow Drive looks good. Coming in and out of Lefferts Circle. The Tobin Bridge is eased out. So has the lower deck of 93. All the airport tunnels there, Okay. And west of the city to 90 is clear both ways through downtown Worcester and the mass part Mass. Turnpike is in good shape as well. Liking WBC's traffic on the three will take it. All right. Thank you, my friend. And right now I can look out the window looking to the West and also to the North and south and.

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