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Unquote retire mr monti mustache style by h forty meaning have enough in the bank were in stocks in mutual funds to be able to live off of the four percent rule so basically like i'm gonna you can basically m as we talked about the investing episode you can expect you returns to be five percent the market at least so you could take four present and live a fat from your portfolio in your portfolio would still grow albeit slowly but last forever so i kind of like set that goal by 40 ought to be able to do that and i'm i don't i just care so much less about that goal now a careless about like wanting to be able to quote unquote retire at a certain age it just seems silly like police said on a certain age to we know and i remember i was listening to a gary vantage a podcast and he had a question from somebody saying you know i wanna be financially independent by the time thirty at oh i do that and his answer was the first thing you should do is not pudding number at a certain age of your life because it's a good way to lemme yourself even if it is a very ambitious goal so think on a much smaller timescale what's the next big thing i can do how can i grow how can i help people have gonna build something amazing yeah and eventually if you're doing that the is likely going to come anyway they like the larger timespans aren't predictable so don't try to predict them yeah you but you could be doing something right now the short term is the only time you do anything yet and i can i can tell you know it's been two or three years since i set by goal and my life has changed so much since then like that goal is at least the numbers in it are no longer feasible because you know i wouldn't want to live at the level of money that i said the goal for so at either okay i can just bump that number up or i can just not worry about it yeah you know maybe it's just my personal opinion but i guess it is don't care about being able to retire at a certain age while i mean i guess.

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