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Name. <hes> became the blueberry and willie wonka yeah so that's why i'm just really passionate about it and i know that people close to me some of them get annoyed with how much i talk about it or things like that but in the end it's like if you care about me then you should be happy that i finally found something that works for me and that is actually improving my life and like you know and and i feel so grateful for the people who actually care to make an effort to understand it or not promoted to like do it not with me but like go places that i can eat and things like that that means the world to me because i'm not again. I'm not trying to be like we were referencing earlier like vegans who are like making you. I'm not trying to make anybody do it but if i could educate someone that maybe had no idea this was a thing and maybe that's what they were looking for cool because again. I was in the place where i was desperate for someone to help me healthwise. I was desperate for my life to change and for for just something i didn't know who that meant. I didn't know what that meant so. When i found this doctor it was like just the light bulb went on and it was like this. This is what i need to do so if i could be that for because it's different when it's like okay you have to for health reasons like it's like i'm not gonna we put much stock into it but i feel like what's next part is the one you're like. Oh yes she does with me like i do to the extent that you do of course yeah because like i i get like a like grocery shopping like ice cream. I still get the rice cakes even though it says it has in it but they sneak it in everything dies. I swear blaming. Let me get decided one week. I'm going to get ice cream. That isn't dairy. Free is dairy free. I try for the the most part to stay on top of it. Of course. I'm not doing it for like a health reason. I'd branch out a little bit more but it's like it's kinda interesting when like i sit there and back. You and i'm like yeah like after eating this. I don't feel grouchy noah stuff or like. I feel like a roly poly. I don't feel like they really it. Helps with blow till will it really does you get really bloated from things like cheese and and.

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