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Birmingham. Born and raised in birmingham moved atlanta. back back when Young teenage boy went to work with solar mod company where it will forward for years and years retired from ford but i i was coming down. You got ta. Yes we do john. You sound great okay. But in years ago we was my wife. And i was coming home. I was coming home for a ballgame. Maybe at Legion field. And i got around anniston and i got to channel surfing and i picked you and i got to my brother-in-law's and i said who in the world is that guy on the radio. And he said that guy can stir up more trouble you ever seen in your life and he said as paul fan bon well from that day forward. We have been a fan of yours. Love the show and It's it's interesting. It's educational and i just wanted to call and let you know We appreciate it and appreciate the effort and the time you put into it and the people you have on there is great. But i won't tell you a little story and i'll let you go about bear bryant and a and about saving Bear bryant Years ago when we were kids when tabatabai show come on on sunday evening We with us kids. I'm seventy five years old so it's been a long time ago. Kids would be outside and we didn't have all these telephones and hand games We had football baseball. Bats and balls in. My mother comes doran. She said okay Coast bias coming on. Y'all get in here so we would With oh everything down. And he the tv and We just grew and grew up being alabama fans bear by fans but Bryant is not cost saving co savings. Not bad brian and they are in both of them. Got their place. And i believe them to got to your place in alabama fans heart. And i'll be they'll they'll they'll be there for a long time and It was just i remember those games Legion field years ago. That face be packed out standing room. Only there'd be people that didn't even have a tick john. thank you. thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate that. My job was a young reporter covered. Alabama for coach bryan last two years. I had to watch sunday. Show start to finish in. You know maybe he said something newsworthy. Which by the way he never did. But it was if any if any of you want to get chuckled youtube. The old bear bryant show that that will be a trip belvedere. In austin texas is up next. Hello paul devender. Good afternoon to you. Tell you this all sincerity. You are so fantastic. You know what you are beloved by people but you know it. The reason is that. I just. I love you In the way you address people. You're so cool here. So when in years so fantastic That's sad about Certification comes in tech. Thank you very much for sharing that. I think it's a good move for them. I think there's no guarantee and you follow that program pretty closely. If tom herman flop there anyone can because i thought he was about as close to a sure thing i've ever seen so the key is the staff i think he's done a very good job of building it. He's a wonderful evaluator and a teacher he just needs to accomplish one thing in particular and that does not allow people to interfere with his his stewardship or the program. What i mean by that is are all the people that things they own. The program do not the university of texas for all the people not. It's not for about twenty-five fat cat. All tycoons who think it's there's a- hoop. Well i'm not sure about how You know i'm part of the deal on the people you talked about but We have the best interest a heart really. We do Tom herman here. The personality is Your furniture yeah. No i agree with you and sarka. Sark's is a little more charming and the thing. I think that stark has an advantage. He his his big advantage. Right now is that he's been there before he's been the head coach at washington. He's been the head coach at southern cal. Those are two big programs and in big media markets. Seattle and l. a. and. I think this will not overwhelm him as it did. Tom herman. Herman was had a job before that. But he really was not prepared for what he got into. Maryland is up. Next hella marilyn. How paul good to tell it to you again. Thank you well. What i was going to talk about was actually forgot. The guy's name but you had him on just a little while ago. From usa today brent. And he's you know talking about trying to lay level. The playing field for nick sabin Or with nick sabin but You know i thinking you know And you just talk about tom. Herman texas i think all these colleges are expecting way too much and like they only give what charlie strong to name a few todd. Tom herman three or four years. Then they Then they get rid of them. Get somebody else in. Have a huge buy back. And it's not just takes us but other other colleges as well and then What they don't wait is to get a winning record. And that's what's the college players. Won't they wanna go to somewhere where they can have shot at the. Nfl and a winning coach is when they go to alabama but these other colleges adult really they don't give a coach's a chance to get a winning record Anyway that's one of my arguments. The second one is that Necas pumping out head coaches for the past decade. So he's actually you know. Put giving back to the system You know of course are has one just one example And then he mentioned something about You know the bcs. Oklahoma and michigan few more. And i'm thinking well oklahoma. They've had their shot and michigan. Obviously don't want to have a shot because they keep the same coach. I mean he. I think had many hotels have what he's been there. I think seven years back your other point though. I want to make sure people understand. I agree long jetty. It is great but fans see what these coaches are making. They're all making four five six seven eight million dollars and none of us can relate to that so when coach makes six billion dollars a year and he doesn't win and with and with the world like it is social media everyone having an opinion in athletic directors hearing it and shows like this probably don't help but they're part of the floor tapestry of college football the pressure gets ratcheted up. And you start to think. If i stay with this coach where am i going to be in a year. Am i going to be any better or worse. So you get you get you get you get a quick itchy trigger finger and also in texas case texas. Texas is more unusual than most because they did not go out and get a coach significantly more attractive than the one they had. They gotta coach. That was on the rise who after falling versus a coach that they had already had. That has pretty much run his course and the second thing. I don't mean to be so long winded. They went after urban meyer and they didn't get him and once they did that. You can't keep the coach had just think about it. If if you're in a business try to they try to hire your replacement and they get this. By the way. You're you're good for now maryland. Thank you very much for the call. Nick is up next. Hey nick go right ahead nick. You're on the air go right ahead first time caller longtime listener. Thank you Cold about the bread usa. Yeah at the mini. I'll look at the college. Football is more revenue than and savings era than ever before. Now maybe that's just a adapting to.

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