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American free trade agreement nafta after it's been a one sided deal for canada and from mexico and the united states workers all of these incredible people who have lost their jobs because of nafta they're not going to be suffering any longer and tomorrow a fourth round of negotiations on restructuring the deal wraps up so is their hope for a new agreement or is this the original version of nafta simply going to fall apart steve marsh and he is a following negotiations for the washington post he spoke with komos taylor van cise from the sound of your article it certainly appears like the us has the most to lose if nafta falls apart since canada and mexico have negotiate a new deals with europe what would need to happen for nafta to fall to pieces well i think what would need to happen would be for the united states to shift on a certain uh proposal but are clearly red lines for both canada and mexico wanted better example of this is a a justended out the entire agreement would son and five years if they president after five years it wasn't working the way he wanted it to be the whole idea the agreement is to give people confidence to make investment or something like that kind of making an investment in mexico or canada if you think the whole agreement with parent five years so do you think that informs the the quote you put in there from the united steelworkers union president who says if you just rip it up it's worse if you build out you're going to have to have new rules yeah well i think i think that people are across a wide variety of you are worried about there being no agreement nurses some agreement in a cave through environmental labor groups even trying to strengthen and put some enforcement teeth into labor and environmental side agreements that were part of nafta way back when clinton was trying to drum up support for it so they're trying to make those things tougher of course clippers known after there are no side agreements to nafta either it's been around for twenty three years what are us negotiators is demanding and do we know of canada and.

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