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But now, that's cool. And I'm cool with escalating. But you better escalate cross. Because that's where you got to go now. Right. If not, it is sympathetic. But now you got to go, you hit a, you crash my car, my chicks in the car, you beat the hell out of me, you cost me an opportunity at a belt, I'm going next level on. Superhero. And then that and make me feel better. But again, you can't 50 50. You can't 50 50, book them. You've also put cross in this very strange point is that when he showed up, he showed up basically with drew and Roman. You immediately established where he is. But now he's not, I don't know. Maybe they can fix it. He's there kind of because he's still a heel, you can't immediately throw him in the Roman Reigns for you. Where do you go from here? You only got that other baby face. No, but you know who the baby face could be for him? Seamus. Oh, I don't mind that. But you have to do it now because Sheamus is hot. Yeah, you gotta. Like, cross us to beat the shit out of him now. But you can't wait too long. A whole crew. Yeah. Just start attacking the crew. And then Bianca Belair versus Bailey. Of course she did. I told you she's good. She's not losing this title anytime soon. How about bad at it? It's just horsewomen should pose. No, they shouldn't. They should be an opportunity for Bianca to have this run. And she's been great at it. And a lot of investors find us a little short. Yeah. Andrew interference, whatever you have control, but I think I personally think they're waiting. And I think they're going to do Charlotte versus Bianca at WrestleMania. Not mad at it. I think that's what they're waiting to do. Because right now, it's like, yeah, Bailey's good, but they're kind of finishing what happened before Bailey got hurt. And Bailey's a fantastic deal. That just means Rhonda carries that belt forever. There's like no one on the other side. I'm Rhonda. I mean, they got to build some people on SmackDown, right? Yes. And that's going to be a challenge. Shouldn't be. You have shotzi, you have for kale. You have to fix their characters. Like, you can't need to fix it. Like, badly. She's too happy all the time now. Yes. Get out of here. Shots in it. They've kind of ruined chassis Wednesday here, so they got to fix that character. But yeah, you do need someone believable. Yeah. It's go over on Iran. And they won't put Bianca and Ron in there. It's basically going to cancel each other out. In their mind, for us, we'd all root for Bianca, but they don't want to hurt Ronda. So Bianca should work Charlotte at WrestleMania. Rhea should go over to SmackDown to work Rhonda. It's not bad, but she's also a Rhonda's not a heel. Ronda, they're trying to heal. Rhonda's not a heel. Ron is a much better heal. But she's a much better healer. I agree with you a 100%, but right now she's in this weird she's supposed to leave that feud is a heel, but she's not, she's just not a lukewarm. She didn't leave it as anything. Yeah, she's not working. And then Finn Balor defeats edge and I quit match. I hate I quit matches, but I thought it though. Yeah. I told you, the only way it's the only way the babyface loses is not because he's hurt is because there's always some dastardly shit and I thought clobbering best Phoenix the way they did was fucking fantastic. Fairytale. They murdered. And then did it anyway? Yo, this is Rhea Ripley stable. She is phenomenal in this role. She has been great. I didn't know it was because she was injured that she couldn't work. So she's just been doing like yeah, but she's these angles. She is the one, right? Bianca's had it now. So now we know Bianca has been a made woman she has been the one. Rhea's nest. Rhea is the one. Yes. There's Bianca and that's what I'm saying. Over there and beat up Rhonda and become the champion. Rhea is the one. The fact that she's doing all of this without having to work a match is this over and running a men's table basically tells you everything you need to know. I enjoyed this match. I know some people didn't, but I enjoyed what it built to and I love the conclusion of this. I think this shit got like four and a half stars. Meltzer loved it. Almost 5 stars. And I'm certain is more so the storytelling than the match itself. Yeah, it was all about storytelling. Yeah. Finn was great. Yeah, everybody was great in this movie. Told a phenomenal man. Yep. And it's enough interference. Yeah, you had just enough, but it wasn't. Killing Beth Phoenix? Was like, 30 minutes. It was a long match. But when they crushed Beth Phoenix, like, I was like, I was like, oh, that's a good shit. And then now Finn Balor edge where I like one thing now is huge just don't end.

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