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The equivalent of money from him i mean you know bob ney didn't even take money from april he took a five thousand dollar trip scotland any went to prison for it that's the that's the honest services act they they sent don siegelman to prison and what they said he did was wrong was there had been there was a hospital oversight board or commission that this guy richard scrushy had been appointed to now richard scrushy was big in the hospital business i don't recall the details of it but he was big in the hospital business perhaps at an earlier point in his career but he had been appointed to this board by the republican governor that preceded don siegelman it's an unpaid position scrushy has supported an effort that don siegelman was promoting as governor to have a lottery in alabama to help pay for the schools and scrushy made five hundred thousand dollar contribution to the lobbying effort not to don siegelman dog and see one did not see a penny of this and he was not in charge of that lobbying effort he simply supported and siegelman appointed appointed richard scrushy to to the same board basically reappointed him to the exact same board that his republican predecessor had appointed the guy too and karl rove and and ler canary the campaign the wife of the key issues the federal prosecutor in alabama she was the wife of the campaign manager of the guy that does seem ran against bob reilly she put don siegelman in prison with karl rove's help for honest services fraud basically taking a bribe saying that that five hundred thousand dollar donation from scrushy to the effort to have a lottery to pay for schools in alabama was in exchange for being appointed to the hospital board now siegelman denied that then he denies that today and there's no actual evidence of that but they still they threw him in prison i hear you mick mulvaney saying open one when i was in congress i wouldn't talk to lobbyists less they gave me money and he's not in jail come on you know riddle me back net that man i don't get this why is this guy and half of the republican caucus for that matter not in prison.

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