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Well i'm always on the side of ride i don't really pick a girl i i just pick the side of the truth and woods right and um i have to say that niimi has a lot of great points in her argument with porsche um i think that historically speaking she's just not been a great friend to people that have only tried to help her i remember when there was a time we're porsche was not returning to the show and niimi and candy all spoke up to help her keep her job so um i think that's a little t you might not learn from that's when he was referring to at the dinner is that she didn't help her get her job but she was she definitely helped her keep it by champing for her so i i just think that you know we just have to look at the behavior and nod at what people are necessarily saying do you think that is regretting her decision to go to bat for porsche over her job oh i think now she is because of the way um you know she's behaved with respect to her friendship and the things that she's said about niimi maybe as a good heart and i just think that she needs to be careful on how much she gives to people who don't really deserve it tpg the purpose following abu threaten nothing ciro di just for people deliver truth.

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