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This really is a complete disappointment the great roger ebert i always like to read a bit of what his review of the movie he gave uh he gives movie three stars and after reading review view sort of a generous three stars because he didn't seem like enjoyed it very much year to be honest but this is toward the end for him or you're saying that he was impairs now had are now and to say that i this is the newest movie that's been on movie crush so i didn't even know if uber was around at the time i met roger ebert really's amazing it's great speak at that time but uh he signed my book uh that's also had you know you could communicate de stephen hawking style writes these did you see his the documentary i have had seen it now it's great to stars richard and brick in a my avenger three stars so uh he says this at the end of his review comecon nerds will have multiple orgasms predicts critic david elstein in new york magazine confirming something i had vaguely c a suspected about them if he is correct it's time for desperately needed movies three educate nerds and the joys of sex the adventures is done well by joss wedin with style and energy it provides its fans with exactly what they desire whether it is exactly what they deserve is arguable obviously roger ebert is an amazing person an a extremely thoughtful and tasteful an extremely great writer and a man of extremely good taste but do you got it wrong agreed got a real you don't get i'm alright he didn't like a clockwork orange either a did that and the other day but you know that's the thing is like a mood you know the people right movie reviews they've seen one time you know they're seen five movies week yes uh some hits you the wrong way sure for whatever reason um deep in you go on record saying nerds don't have sex frankly the food frankly that's pejorative that's offended me and i and i and it with great loving memory drudgery burt give him one finger up no not at all i don't say that but i bet i would bet i bet uh a bit uh uh.

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