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The battle over him at the evil empire and and going back to babe ruth and of course the them beano and and the fact that boston had been waiting for eighty six years come so close and so many thais were denied at the hands of a new york team the yankees and the mets so to have that thing happen uh was a biblical narrative that in my view is the greatest story in sports history will never be replicated weighed dan shaughnessy the boston globe i guess say did i was sitting there for gained seven i was working the game i was i was there with our friend been story ah we were sitting together uh who'd been of course the editor of the globe and who uh you know i think now we can admit since he's been retired for three years you know he's a yankees sand said celier certainly a non red sox stand i if i if there was a way for me if i had the same gift uh the you have right i wish i could find way describe what it was like watching vince um in that game seven after johnny david is the chance as as the yankees just of dwindled away in that historic series but i do have a question that game i'll never understand this and i don't know if even remember because there were other bigger things going on it i i love francona up but why did he put pedro in the game yeah i did a book with tito and and you know that obviously came up in the know uh do inference was the peter khanna was demanding that wanted that as a sign of respect and and really kind of raised his hand but a little bit more than volunteering where he really wanted to be in that spot and they had some time off will hold a series they could get the rotation back in order and you he was able to pitch scheme three and a now he knew and i'm proud rails would be if you go back and look at their francona book out rod mills like is is breaking tito's chops on the bench say well you got what you wanted here you go is there was the one time that the yankee crowd got into it.

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