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Think of of all the uses that we have for oil a lot. Those uses a lot of a lot of the heavy lifting of oil was performed by whale oil for a couple of centuries salad dressing listening delicious oil vinegar but well oil lit our homes. Not just in the form of like candles made of of sperm whale wax. As as i like to call it the way away. But you know the the and not just oil in lanterns. But but oil in the sense of an industrial lubricant. Oil was one of one of the ways that the industrial revolution happened. And all these fantastic machines that were that were You know building building steam punk flying machines and and cotton gin and whatnot panama canals. They were all lubricated with oil and the source of that oil was wales how we found the the greatest animal and we literally grounded up and put it into machines and built a terrible new civilization on the back of that. That should have been omen right there. It's all the whale ghosts in our in our plants and mills and refineries. That's probably the discursive all our endeavors. Since then that's why new bedford is one of the largest cities in the world. New bedford is a league-leading metropolis. Just it's just all the whale. Ghosts giants shimmering wail goes. Ooh i mean that is what whale song sounds like they're talking. We think it's a ghostly knows but noise but they're just saying you killed us and we're like ooh..

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