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Now, it's easing into some new record. That is queen's bohemian rhapsody. It was released in nineteen seventy five. It's six minutes long. It is a long one which is true. And it's now jump ahead to current day is the most streamed song from the pre streaming era and the most streamed classic rock song of all time. That's according to Vivendi essays, Universal Music music group that I'm reading this out of today's Wall Street Journal. This is amazing. Susan, this is such a great song. I mean, how many generations has this song touched? Yeah. Like absolutely from nineteen seventy five and here, we are in two thousand eighteen and it gets a big resurgence, partly because of the bohemian rhapsody movie the movie, which stars Remmy Malik. And we found out Thursday when the Golden Globe nominations came out that he is nominated for best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama. Nice. Yeah. Have you seen the movie yet? I haven't. But I still want to see it. I think that Christmas week is going to be the week. You know, right after Christmas kind of go does that drama, and it's supposed to be just an amazing amazingly well done movie, and if seen interviews with the cast, and they seem very just honored to have been part of that whole production. You know? So if you have you seen it, let me know give me a call six five one nine eight nine nine two to six so parents this single it after the movie came out in the movie, by the way, became the highest grossing music biopic in history within its five I five weeks of release. So think of all the biopic of these different artists. Yes, Jim Morrison? And now on on Broadway. The share the call, you know, so all these people, but this is incredible. And what I love about this kind of thing is that it it helps I you know, that was really before my time too. So I didn't really know Queen like some people some fans of Queen milk Queen and love Queen. I had all their albums. Did you really did you date anyone with hair like that? No. Yes, they were. They're definitely had that the monster hair going, but that was before big hair bands before starting right because big hair bands were Ryan kind of the start of that was really interesting interested one person wrote Rossini loved the music you choose. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I just thought this made news, you know, this is making news this song. And I wanted to bring it to people and and just kind of a little going down memory lane. I saw a biopic on, Freddie. Mercury. And they talked about this song when he wrote it. Yeah. And the producer said six minutes, you're you're nuts. No one is ever going. No radio station is ever gonna play your song. If it's six minutes that just is not going to happen. But he's so. Love this song. I mean, he so was so behind this piece. He just he stuck by his guns. Yeah. Should we play? Should we hear a little you want to hear? Well, you know, as you know, this song has like different movement. Yes, it has different movements. What are you going to give us now? Mixologist figure this out. I'm just going to kind of hit it where the where it..

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