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His father charles francis adams senior was a congressman for some time for massachusetts. He was also offered the harvard presidency which he declined and his A grandfather. John quincy adams and his great grandfather Was john adams so he comes from this. Very blue bloody kind of family. He had however a great difficulty in his youth with greek and with laughing was not good at the subjects and he was embarrassed when he was compelled by his father to be withdrawn from the boston latin school because he was just so miserable greek and so once he became as an adult a member of the harvard board of he decided in eighteen eighty three to give a speech in june of eighteen eighty three at harvard as part of the commencement ceremonies and he called the speech. A college fetish. He smelled it. Sort of archaic louis And he argued that. Harvard should no longer require greek on its examination for admissions which had offered since it impact required since the very founding of harvard in sixteen thirty six he's thundered that this was a positive educational wrong and that it had ruined the lives in some senses of his male family members. Going all the way back to john adams who are harvard types Because they had been sort of destroyed by this absurd and so he argued. That of students should be able to take french or german on the admission examinations for harvard. In place of ancient greek they so desired this up just a little note here Technically when he said that his male ancestors had been ruined by classics. This is what social scientists refer to technically as they lie. Yeah i mean of course. The correspondent john adams and thomas. Jefferson is delightful for many things and one of them. I remember i showed. This took classes friend of mine at oxford and he was delighted that this had to be the last two american presidents to argue over the Basically greek verbs and there is a lot of classics now items famously. Said the only thing he learned from. Plato was a cure against I think farts but But the that was kind of a lie to He obviously had read a lot more than that and he learned and he certainly loved. Greek and john quincy adams loved it even more and perhaps if it hadn't been for his mother He would have been happy to be.

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