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Island is great you. Do you watch your subtitles of course i do. I didn't know that so what's happening to call a woman. A bird is shocking. Okay claire informed as these are with no disrespect again. You know there's a caste system. That's very clear and we're at the bottom. Yes to me i always you think british people sound posh no matter whereas finding not of course just like what are you saying no idea what his accent is as your favorite character. Oh my god i love amber and members every cow pretty. I wanna be careful spoilers how far i'm only one in the first season then so henry. There's hundreds of well first of all don't watch the first season only watch seasons four and five that i started with two four and five jump rates of four and five jumped yeah jumped five. I because there's no back story and be you'll get you. You wanna avoid the spoiler thing. I'll say i love about our listeners is that they will watch something in the order. God intended. I'm like i said listen ninety day fiance. You're starting with four then. You're hitting up you know forever. After then you're going back. Everybody will listen to five. I go back to four okay every fifth episode. There's like one hundred episodes in seasons ridiculous. Every fifth after six episode is a recap episode. You can skip those. Tell us like this is a recap link within two seconds yeah yeah. I don't think it'll be hard to. I can't understand what they're thinking now. What about ninety fiancee's love after lockup of course me everyone mahindra calling no doubt but so oh grandma nam seen flowers yet from anybody but again doors okay so you do like love after lockup fiance more so it's resistible well so that's when senior year. We took that class together. You can take like electives and stuff in writing workshop classes at n._y._u. Be made artists take a science allowed me to take broadcast journals attack science and literally it was like locke and hobbes and all that fucking shit and i was like gotta go gotta go now and so but then i took a computer science class which was just building a web page for my personality like building like a web presence for this is all <music>. Thank god for your bachelor. Bachelorette person <hes> this week and i was at the monarch saint regis where tamra barney got married. It's got married and i believe one of the bachelorettes because june diane attended her wedding orono darshan paradise wedding. I believe which is sort of in a lot of weddings god this summer this this summer i caught up with the new season glow season of your white people <hes> which <hes> both of which were extrordinary <hes> and i give a shout out to the two of you and i'm not blowing smoke just because i'm here but black monday was just terrific. I finally got. I know i'm a couple months later. I finally got this summer. You both were excellent and when we get to dan was it was awesome. Thank you. I like to talk about a book that i read okay. That is the best book i've read in so long three women. I haven't so by it's by journalists named lisa taddeo or to d._o. Sorry guys i'm terrible. It's nonfiction it is about these three women and their lives cbs and how early sexual experiences kind of like affected the rest of their life. It is incredible. I could not put it down. It is sometimes a tough read in terms of like what happens wins or what these women go through but wow wow wow i just i flew through it. It's incredible. I suggest everyone read it okay. I have a book which is called aac fragility. It's a really good and i'm just gonna read the caption on the back because it's it's very interesting..

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