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Flippers took a engineered trust system and went through and cut all of the structure out of it and added a single to by four to try to strengthen a backup so they have the full span being held by this non engineered. They tried to build a two by four scissor trussed literally to span the entire with to the house out of four two by fours well. And there's absolutely no way that was gonna hold up to anything. They had a trust. Which of course says the two angled pieces at the top. And then most recently there's something running horizontally from bottom bottom end within horace a vertical strut in between it with engineered steel or connections at all of those points. And if you don't have that middle vertical and the bottom horizontal your walls. The roof will want to put its weight down which will pull push the walls out and the entire thing claps. So it's anyway. It's so important i think the one of your earlier shows caroline asked you you being eric. Of course how do you know when to call it in engineer. Had you know into the answer to that. Regretfully nowadays is always always. You cannot take anything for granted. I i have a friend who bought a flipped house on the hillside here. It needed four hundred thousand dollars with the foundation work. 'cause it's sliding down the hill. But they put lipsticks on on the pay. She had no idea she didn't know what to ask. She's been in it for a year and a half and she's got about a half a million dollars with the repairs to. when i worked on in maryland. We had to bring an engineer from an air perspective. The recommend california energy designs. So you're not only looking at engineers for structure but now you're looking at engineers for mechanical.

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