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More information, visit w t o p com isn't CHARITY. For 28 on a Saturday traffic and weather on the H two Jo Conway in the W. T. O p traffic center Mike with an update, starting off in Maryland to 95 South bound, they crash and a possible vehicle fire was south of 1 75. Now getting the official word that all traffic has stopped south on Baltimore Street Parkway south onto 95 of stock for the crash after 1 75. That means your last chance of X. It's going to be at least at 1 75, with the major delay, beginning building rapidly may want a plan to exit 100. If you have the opportunity, otherwise, you'll be caught up in these delays trying to get to the exit, which is available. We can see in camera. We also see nothing moving beyond the camera shot on the parkway north and delays the 4 50 most of the way toward NASA Goddard in Greenbelt. Nothing reported blocking their 95 sat down so slows often on one idea toward the Beltway. The earlier work New to 12 has been cleared on the Beltway to Prince Georges and Montgomery County's pockets of slow here, and they're unorganized delays. Nothing reported blocking in any case at this point. Driving in the district on 3 95 step on the earlier crash was near Potomac Park, believe it's been mostly clear, but you're still slow from the 3 95 tunnel trying to get to the Virginia Shore 6 25 East Bend your jammed for South Capitol Street to go south on to 95 for the works. Only the Suitland Parkway were only a single lane at last report was able to get by Virginia always close in on it From the toll road toward the Legion bridge. In the usual volume delay city six flows both ways between not least treating the Beltway again. A typical slow down 95 South bound you slow from Lord Toward the Occoquan. The North bound trip slows throughs, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg up toward the center Poor Parkway. You'll slow again, North bound, leaving del City and stretches toward Newington. Easy Past things are North bound on 95 3 95. I'm Joe. Come. We don't get to be traffic. Now. The storm team for meteorologists Amara Theodore, wrapping up this weekend quietly with temperatures down to the mid to upper fifties. Overnight. Mostly clear for your Saturday night tomorrow,.

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