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Either their triple penetration or to pick and roll. And they find the roller almost every single time pocket pass they have master getting getting the ball of the roller. There. I throw by Davis is good. You'll have one more. Second one is on the way, and that one's no good rebound. Formerly was fighting with little Barton Barton tried to take it away from Mason. And they lost it out of bounce. Now that'll be a fresh shot clock for Brooklyn underneath. Focus, focus focus, but the seven footer grab the rebound. That's why he's there. Alan crab, looks it the olive man Davis and behind him to Angelo. Russell Russell guarded. By Beasley, quick jumper crab is on the way that one is up in knots points off of turnovers there for Brooklyn and they're back in the lead by two we're halfway home. Now the second quarter bounce pass on the over the Plumlee it's supposed up against Davis. It's Oakland behind only falls on the loose ball gets it over the Beasley in the corner. Barton. Now Jamal Murray Murray has it got it out by Davis. This means it's full stuff here for Plumlee against Jefferson. He starts backing them down gets double team throws out of it to Barton for three off the back of the rim. No, good rebound down to Amari. Carol. Carol has it up the left wing and wiles guards in the length of the floor. And Carol just washed it out of bounds. Great job by trae Lyles applying pressure. They're making it really tough for him to see what was the head on the floor and even tougher to make a passer.

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