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Gotta go make grilled cheese sandwich and a tomato bisque with a pad of creamery butter and ritz crackers drop inside with lower seasoned salt. Lucky bash hermanez. Lowry seasoned salt many times. Do we have to hear that story. Delicious was not getting paid for it. I don't know. I know it's not the tators brand or whatever emily jose's or does or what was that one that you liked stands your. What are you doing right now. I don't know she had some that. No one has ever heard of before it was a seasoning salt from the terrible state of washington. Awful city of seattle far. You're going with this. i'm done. Thank you san diego ford dealers. Try to pretend you didn't hear that last thirty seconds bringing us today show just got a text from ford. They said we brought you everything up until ten. Thirty seconds make sense. We had nothing to do with what happened after that. They remind you the all new twenty twenty one f one fifty s here. It's purpose built from the ground up. Visit by ford. Now dot com. Well aside from that little factoid. Heavily salt shaker. What other exciting takes that. We learned today here sir. How about that bob. Everybody that for a. Nobody wanted to text him about it because he'd win. Thanks to gel for hauling it in and not being his pants like the ba- racers do and thanks for pointing that out. That boyer needed to add dollar to the analogy. What a day. what a day. What is acceptable acceptable hall. Pass for your man to miss the birth of your child surfing if he goes surfer. kelly slater. That's the only acceptable answer. And who is it. Kelly slater kelly slater okay. I thought you were all hot and bothered about shane. Somebody seen dorian. Is i named after his middle name. Is kelly after kelly. Slater shane chips. Favorite server of all time. Kelly slater who is she was but shine is who seen during his another surfer. That i like kelly top billing and your husband got the throw away. We'll never use this middle name ever again. Gotcha okay now. It makes sense okay. I get it. Emily thad that she only give eric a hall pass. If it was to somehow slashed and the david to right out of that you would also posted this question on facebook. You'd ask the ladies on facebook their answers so of course dennis was i at first off. His grandpa had a job. I said how dare you question. And shame. jones said Being dead only six feet under and buried. That's right and that's this question because rick nielsen of cheap trick revealed that he missed the birth kid because he had the chance to play guitar with his favorite musician. John lennon and his wife let miss it. Well you call it playing guitar. But we all know what they were doing. Tinkering tinker around with your stupid little friends. Long haired smelly friends probably getting. I know we talked about famous. San diego's at seven forty with a good morning san diego crew was i thanks to joe must groves no hitter and instant fame status mixed up a few names dave grohl and pearl jam. Tony cotin guessing the mousketeers instead of musketeers. And saying that. Al pacino started quite a mess can didn't think they could do worse than emily. Employer boyer but i believe that they did. I love how bad they are. I really do al pacino in to kill a mockingbird it's not personal scout it's just business what al pacino. Okay paul. we love him. Yes the british. the british. Don't like us there. Things about america that they do not like include that americans say they're going to europe as opposed to naming what country we're going to call football soccer and that we basically call rugby helmets football They don't like the way we pronounce herb but we love the way they pronounce hospitals because that costs. Boyer a dollar for the analogy. Then we had a bruce springsteen threesome today to celebrate east street. Or max weinberg's birthday another no hitter. Nobody gets up. They all try to your no hitter. Isn't it good for you. I wasn't trying it just was. I tried as hard as mess is what it is. Three sons are messy back to school. Kids best day. Ever for san diego unified school district and others finally opening opening schools. Becca very awesome. Megan markle blaming pregnancy. For not going to prince philip's funeral is like guys dogs made to our contribution to three dollars during the news today but he wasn't done yet comparing american cheese to something lesser hacked off by a french butcher or something like that grubby baratas to four dollars very lucrative day but finally dave houghton shut and hill be fun. We'll see you tomorrow morning at six o'clock on tv a. k. us site seven forty show..

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