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Lawn you take care of you it's three eighteen weather can weather on the aids and when it breaks in Virginia I. sixty six eastbound the on going works on the carried over from yesterday is near route fifteen Haymarket in camera we see the rightly was still blocked with maybe a brief tap on the brakes of course the light volume is in your favor on the ninety five quarter three ninety five likewise moving one northbound southbound between Fredericksburg in the Potomac River route one north bound in Caroline county crash was near Ladysmith road north bound and at last report you're still under police direction district don't forget we've got that many road closures to it around the Lincoln Memorial as we mentioned for tonight's event and includes the Arlington Memorial Bridge for the duration going into Maryland on the ninety five quarter southbound south of two sixteen he brush fire was first or confined to a shorter not blocking any traveling so that they may be wrapping things up on the Suitland parkway the closure is in place still for the earlier serious crash it is between meadow view Dr in the Sigmund road interchange and police will still be there to direct reminded the whites very remains unavailable between incoming allowed in counties because of the flooding on the Patanjali atomic river Brian tell Maryland Oliver's shop road the crash was just north of burnt store road medevac was summoned it landed north of the incident point you're on the parking lot of T. C. Martin elementary school and you still got plenty of fire and rescue still on the scene I'm Joe coming WTOP traffic and now your storm team four forty four counts with Matt Ritter days AT the class of broken up enough that temperatures have gotten into the a low to mid seventies were maxing out our highs right now but the clouds come.

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