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And I would argue Russia's efforts to manipulate the two thousand sixteen presidential election. We're a huge success not because Trump got elected, but because of the state of the nation politically that we're in today, causing chaos. Absolutely. You know, I mean, we've got, we've got the president under longstanding investigation. We've got. As a great example. I think the pew did a study last month that said that Nancy Pelosi was held in lower regard than Kim Jong among Republican voters. We're at the point now where we think the other political party is a clear and present danger to our national security, but the dictator with his finger on the nuke button isn't. Yeah. There's another study that showed that both sides think they're losing both both the left and the right in America. They think the other guy is really winning and really sticking it to them and their. What you said about fear? You know, it's because both parties used fear of the opposing party, not of not of a terror attack half the time because you know what fear of terror attack is a great way to get some boats, but it's not a great way to get money. Did you guys see by the way that Scottie Hughes a show now on RT? No, which by the way goes to them, you know, playing for both sides because they had someone like Ed Schultz who passed away with like, you know, big progressive. Now they've Scottie Hughes who was like the number one Trump defender on CNN. I. Times on on Fox News. It's not because Fox News.

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