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I I see all the arrows that I made. But it was good enough at the time. You know that sort of set the template for for the future projects. And really what I try to do from the very beginning is say what kind of guidebook would I like to see like as a consumer? What what are the things that? I wanna see in a guidebook to Acadia national park, and the things that I wanted to see I wanted to see photos because photos really helped plan a trip. They really, you know, if you wanna choose which hiking trail, you wanna go on if there are some photos, and if are in color that can give you a much better sense of what the hike looks like than just a written description. I knew I wanted to have a lot of great background information about the geology about the wildlife about the history. You know, these are these are things that I'm fascinated in. This is why love to travel I love to learn. And so many of the guide books that were out there at the time and still to this day really sort of. It's like, you know, here's a list of thirty hotels. Here's a bunch of restaurants. It you know, it was really disordered the basics of the Mississippi's of staying alive. While you travel rather than the joys of learning. And I I wanted to learn so really I just took all these things that I thought I really would like to see in a guidebook, and I put them all together and other people of you know, they agreed. They they bought the book, and they felt the same way in that. It's it's the philosophy. That's still you know is true to my guidebooks to this day. Like, what did it look like in was or if there was a breaking point between? Okay. Getting it out because that's one thing obviously, huge mission to finish a guidebook get something that that is published, but then the second part or maybe even an probably even the more time intensive and and I wouldn't even say the second half because it takes it takes up. More time is the marketing or just getting people to know about it. Because so how what did that look like because that that's a tough thing. I know a lot of people would struggle the first part. But then they might even get to a point where they could publish on. And now all of a sudden, all right? Well, who's gonna find this and how are people going to find it? Because like you said this was pre internet was there, but pre kind of internet marketing and stuff like that. Where do people find your book? Was there a big break that you found or something like that? And I had a website back. Then people were amazed. Oh, you have a website. That's incredible. You know, that's amazing. The internet was there. But it wasn't what it is today. That said there were alternate. You know ways that people got their information. They got their information through newspapers through magazines, you know, and those really moved markets back. Then I mean, the phone book that was huge for businesses. People used to pay tons of money to be in the phone book. You know? So it was the there was marketing there, it was just different than it is today a lot more analog. And you know, what I did? I I was really fortunate because Acadia national park is located on an island off the coast of Maine, which means that all of your customers. Your potential customers are going to end up on an island. There is an enclosed space where they are going to go to and what I did when I got the books. I put him in the back of my truck. I drove around to every store that I could possibly find. Whether it was a gas station or a bookstore, or, you know, convenience store, and I just walked in. Twenty one years old. And I said, hey, I have this book. I'm a local guy you I grew up right nearby. I did this book would you like to carry it? Honestly, I think a lot of people took pity on me they were like odd is this this young guy. You know, like, I don't know of his books..

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