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You should schnell he walks around kind of heavy too mean he walks around i mean he literally looked like he was one hundred nine hundred seventy five pounds 100 so these they said it comes in a fight we don't want one seventy six what or something like that one ask him he's a big he's a big guy though he's a really big may act he has like a swimmers body yes a greg louganis worry michael phelps build yeah michael phelps more topical than greg louganis skim another call christmas kimmage magingo let's give michelle goulding jingle jim economics jeanchristophe comes on akhemtganayev dozen other what's another impression you do you name the person yomitan start don't embarrassing okay mogae do i do i'm gone down a nicholas cage let me know from doing this rise aid okay level how about a uh israeli james how you doing buddy all right i did and charlie sheen and hey doyle i really enjoy in this sorry i forget he may fluids anya shoes gary busey p us sy people upset someday silly you that's actually pretty your because he does those stupid things we got it and i was not good that was actually his nearest is now neither although are evil where kid were clear flatulence always ready tomorrow you're talking about gary all right we'll james vic we tried not speaking we'll marsha we're gonna be talking to give it a shy assist i'm getting older them cranky and of people come on great not they'd dive i accept the decision.

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