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We're gonna move on from the book. Abo- effect is this movie. Pique your interest. Henry cavill starring in matthew vons new spy thriller movie. That wants to be a potential franchise. I can't stand when hollywood counselor chickens before they hatch. I'm just still thinking about how he got the boba fett to abortion to focus groups to halloween. Where incredible yes we are i. It's literally the tv up in here. We just get a take you all around me to take you all the spaces of of human existence but yeah henry cavill is set to star in argyll. Like i said it's coming from director. Matthew vaughn who was known as the director of the two i two kingsman movies. I one was more beloved than the second one. I love the first one. Yeah i love the bat shit crazy. second one. the it's it's a little ridiculous people are coming around on it. I think because of the elton john scene which is hilarious out of context. It's like the worst one right well when he stops the dog rocket man out of context. It's hilarious that colin firth is packing away from a robot killer talk and then it recognizes. Elton john Maybe the biggest case of like. Oh you like this. Here's that it's like. Obviously you're you know leaning into like over the tropes of classic spy movies but you know keep it at that don't like do it. Don't ramp it up two thousand. Yeah that's why the first one works at a little more subtle because if someone just watches kingsman and not really familiar with any other like those type of movies like oh this is an awesome movie right For yeah this one. I am interested for kingsman though. They had the trailer for that right. Yeah yeah totally. Didn't even watch that trailer. Forgot to put it on the outline. I think i'm more excited for this because it's going to be. That's the story we're on. You know that right. Yeah okay you reading it to yourself. Henry henry right. Tom huddleston delivery there. I think because matthew von his last movie was kingsman too. But i think with this will have the opportunity to get back to his spy roots with kingsman but make it a bit more mature. Maybe a bit more serious. It doesn't have to be a commentary on the spider honor. It could just be a new way to.

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