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Affected the parents on the teacher's side. And we want the same thing as the teachers. Parents say they've been using childcare that the city is offering at parks and libraries during the strike. They're also taking turns watching each other's kids. Both teachers and parents say they hope poor attendance inspires the district and the union to negotiate quickly for the California report. I'm Kelly wells in Los Angeles, people using party drugs are ending up in the hospital or even dying. Raquel maria. Dylan reports the synthetic opioids sentinel is showing up in cocaine and math both in the big cities and the central valley Fresno police say the three people who overdosed thought they had purchased cocaine within minutes of snorting it all three passed out. Luckily, a neighbor stopped in to see his friends found them unresponsive and called nine one one one person died at the hospital and two others were revived with multiple doses of the opioid reversing drug naloxone emergency room. Doctor Patil Armenian says tests show the drug they took was Fenton all not cocaine. The fact that this was only Fenton hill is very concerning. And I think if that neighbor hadn't shown up they would have died. I think it's as simple as that the officers who responded were not carrying the lock zone, currently only a sixth of fresno's nine hundred police officers carry the medicine in the sheriff's department, only sergeants and narcotics. Detectives are trained to use it Fresno. Sheriff Margaret mims says she's looking into training more deputies to use a lock zone and into whether this incident is related to a case that happened over the weekend and Chico in which thirteen people overdosed one of them died for the California report. I'm Racquel Maria. Dylan. All right, let's go to Chico for another story. More than two months after the start of the campfire and Buchanan there is one remaining shelter open in Chico, but the shelters contract with fairgrounds is up at the end of this month. And there is no plan for the hundreds of people who are calling the shelter home Sonia. Hudson reports. More than six hundred people.

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