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This monkey both make trips to your low? Well, I'll go to see salvia, big light, James bundle something, you know, I'll have a cinema, my home would have very big screaming. It's not. Joing to the whole away. No way do a whole thing. We load of other people's and everything. My wife occurs drags me. Yeah, it's not a great to. Oh, yeah, mongo. I've tried to drag me mama, Mia, but didn't go. I refused that one. Refusal. Why did you refuse that one? Because I didn't well. Check my mind on that evening. I didn't fancy the film. I did like very much. Andrew. Hague's lean on Pete. Yeah, which is wonderful. Really into tough. It's a story about a young boy. He wasn't friendship with the whole and it was it was the film, Andrew, how you made. Honestly, it was a stunning. I the the same director that made forty five years making this film about this rather sleazy world, lower class horse racing in America. Yeah, he told me not. So it's meant he came on the show to talk about it and he was. I thought it was a wonderful movie that wasn't seen by enough people. But what what happened to me? My wife went to say mama, Mia, again, in in in cinema, the second one, these at go friends and everyone kept on about my miss. Oh, I said it home put the first one on. Yeah, and I loved it. You know? And I, I called wait to see the second one now. It's great. It's coming on television a ready this morning November eighteenth. If you want to watch it still in cinemas now people are still going another cinema on what you want to sit there, but load of old ladies and watching the film one. That'd be quite fun. Well, you might be give them a thrill of a of Edlow throws. Do you ever go back and watch any of your old stuff and what do you think when you do? No, I don't. I sometimes say Domon television and I'll sit there. Manner. That's how to avoid. Says the only one watch for any amount of time I watch for a quarter of an hour, twenty minutes, dirty rotten scoundrels. The rest of turn officer turn off after about five minutes because when I've seen him so many times and I know what's coming to Butler, did it boy if you've watched him Batman about it, didn't do it. We were coming up and we're coming in the lift the the security guy said to you, willing to talk about zillion. I mean, it was going on about Jerry. So I say that was early as your best film itself. Oh, wait a minute. I've. Pretty it. It does have an extraordinary longevity. Will you be did a special. Yes. And it turns out that it's the. I mean, I said, my father took me to see Zulu, then almost service has yet my father. It was something that that you know generations went to see together. Yeah, I Frederick come Hanks in Hollywood, and he said to me to become an actor because he was is my dad took us to a drive-in disease Zulu. Does he simply Zulu in the drive in in America enough? I'd like to ban acted like that do that. He said. So I did. Did you have a zoo. Billion people sales Terrific's to to meet you. You know, I loved you in Billy liar. I on. But that's what happens. I'm afraid. I don't want to see. What are you most proud of and you look at your extensive Catholic? What are you? Most proud of words? Probably things I've done on the stage, but the film my favorite film is almost impossible to find. It's called one day in the life of abundance, a bitch and the company that made it..

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