Brian Dugan, American Astor, Tampa International Airport discussed on Sean Hannity


Until today as they return to in person meetings police chief Brian Dugan says close to one hundred and forty arrests have been made over the last few days and he says more are likely as his officers review video of the violence asked about the use of rubber bullets and tear gas on Tuesday the chief said he was defending the city I was there I gave the order it starts and stops with me I'm responsible for it it was disturbing to me after I called American Astor and told her I said this is this is not what I want to my city although I think we did the right thing it's not just doing the right thing sometimes isn't the promise thing in life Dugan was also asked about efforts to hire more minority officers said they're doing what they can but he thinks they'll struggle to find anyone who wants to be a cop now meanwhile council has as expected okayed funding for the purchase of six hundred and fifty body cameras for police officers total price tag comes to about nine hundred and fifty two thousand dollars Tampa International Airport is putting a hold on more than nine hundred million in construction projects the biggest project to be affected six hundred ninety million to add sixteen new gates for domestic or international flights of Air side D. work on that was expected to be done in twenty twenty four now officials say it will be delayed for at least four years another step forward for Florida's re opening tomorrow is phase two takes a fact under governor to Samus is order retailing gems smacked a hundred percent capacity bars and pubs will be back in business that really owns the big easy an evil or city and tells news channel eight there already over.

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