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Interest of justice that this deserves to be made public and she did the right thing. There are a couple of notable music world obituaries. Grammy winning seventies hitmaker Helen Reddy passed away in Los Angeles. The age of 78. In addition to I Am Woman Ready, had big hits with Angie, Baby and you and Me Against the World, and Mac Davis, who had his own hit with Baby Don't get hooked on me died. He also wrote a big one for Elvis Presley on a cold and gray Chicago morning. A poor little baby child is getting Mac Davis was also 70. He ate your listening to ABC News. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. One life at a time. I've got a seven year old and I'm a 47 year old. He's just learning to skateboard. I was escape border since 1980. He had been begging me all week to prove to him that I could do a kick flip because we really haven't seen Daddy be an active guy. You know, I do all that work, and when I come home, I'm exhausted. This weekend. I had the whole whole bunch of pallets to the back of the house because I was using him for projects and stuff. And all of a sudden I'm outside skateboarding. My son and I'm doing kick flips and other tricks I haven't done in 20 years and I'm like this is not me. This is who I used to be. But this is me. Maybe I need to change my language. Now you know this is me. What I have been for a while has not been the real meaning so amazing what the body can do when it's said the right thing. You know you can heal itself. Balance of nature is now offering 35% off on any new preferred order. Go to balance of nature dot com today and use discount code fruits. Here in New York City, crossing an unwanted pandemic threshold. The daily rate of positive Corona virus tests surpassed 3%. If it stays that way. For the next seven days, schools which just opened would have to close We are deeply concerned about the alarming increase in covert 19. In the ZIP codes in Brooklyn and in Queens, New York City Health Commissioner Dave Choksi said There are nine zip codes primarily responsible for the citywide increase and in those neighborhoods, yeshivas and other non public schools will get a visit from health officials to make sure they're complying with best practices. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK, A new resource is coming to help those in Hollywood report. Sexual harassment almost three years after the meet to movement ripped through Hollywood. There's been a lot of talk about change, but many field there hasn't been any actual change that, according to a new survey by the Hollywood Commission on eliminating sexual harassment and advancing the quality, led by Anita Hill, the commission is launching a platform to allow workers to report sexual harassment. The feeling is that victims will be more comfortable speaking out to a third party. Rather than their employer, The survey found. Reporting harassment is one of the biggest issues so he'll feels the new tool will more easily allowed the industry to identify and eliminate repeat offenders. Jason Heathens and ABC News Hollywood Amazon confirms it's secured the rights to funnyman Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel. It was filmed in secret. The first bar at in 26 Gross $262 million. This is ABC News. Newsmax TV broke records with more than 10 million cable viewers. And every night Newsmax is Greg Kelly Reports is telling the truth about President Trump and the war on his Supreme Court nominee Greg.

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