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There's the new blue. I ride took that down because of how wicked those uniforms are and we saw them a lot this year and of course just before Spring training started the late. Tony fernandez passed away and they started. They played this season with number one. The number one Patch on their sleeves. And of course this season shutting down the labor disputes The blue jays draft though they did dress draft successfully and it was kind of weird seeing the draft happen without being played. So that was one thing that i really took. That was really awkward. But again they got austin martin somebody who was arguably one of the most are the most talented player in the draft. So they ended up landing. Austin martin Sixty game season was then implemented of course and we all know the story that they added the fiasco beforehand of not knowing where they're going to play and we've mentioned this before we will say it again. Is that the factors that they had not knowing where they're going to play in the fact that they continue to be together as a team to play. Good i find that really remarkable. I still can't believe how they did it for the fact that they were living out of a suitcase for at least a couple of weeks and playing home games at the stadiums Being kicked out of toronto being kicked out of pittsburgh Likely going to get kicked out of baltimore and then they ended up going to aaa park in buffalo and that is why it makes it special for me of course and for everybody else we saw nate pearson play. This year he had ups and downs. He was injured but We had glimpses of what he will be in the future and he's going to be a an important piece. This you're heading into twenty twenty one is. He's likely going to be in the store. Opening day are sort of starting rotation and of course they they made the at. The jays returned to the playoffs for the first time since two thousand and sixteen so that was really cool even though it didn't last long In tampa against the raise in the wildcard series. Something that was new It just it. It's a sign of things to come and for a team that prove fans that they do have a good future that they can return to their winning ways. It just gets. It gets me very excited for what they have in.

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