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All the Sagan, who has had to temporarily closed her bakery on troubled Third Avenue. She hopes the plan will turn downtown around. Do we really want to see the road map and how their funds going to be used and what is a long term effect of this investment? Downtown Seattle association says 462 downtown businesses have closed during the pandemic, but since then there have been 279 new business openings. Providing some hope that Seattle needs we've had great progress over the last couple of months today in downtown more than 75% of the businesses that existed prior to the pandemic are open. Some of those projects include efforts to address empty storefronts. Direct cash assistance to downtown small businesses and workforce development programs for not only the unemployed but underemployed hospitality workers right here downtown. In Seattle. NPR Costa Niche Common X Dale Evans ice checks in from the Beacon Plumbing Sports Desk. Aaron Judge in the New York Yankees, headed to Seattle for a three game series with the Mariners Games have been chipping away at the Ale West standings, winning six of their last 10 games and winning another series last night with a 41 win over the Texas Rangers. You say Kikuchi named to his first All Star game, but he's the only Mariners on the roster. He's going to join up with former Mariner Nelson Cruz, who at 41 is making his seventh appearance on an All Star roster. This time as a Minnesota twin. Pretty shocking, um, excited, you know, um, definitely, um, a lot of good to great. She's not there and really proud to be representing betweens. Nelly was a three time All star for the Mariners. Alex rolled on his first goal in the MLS was enough to keep the Seattle Sounders from adding a loss to their record. The Sounders played to a 11 draw in Colorado. They've now won seven matches tied five but still no losses and 21 points from Briana Stewart helped the Seattle storm to an 84 74 win over the L A. Sparks L A has a chance for retribution later this week as they trek to the northwest for Wednesday game on the storms, home Court sports at 10 and 40 past the hour. I'm Taylor Vance. Ice. KOMO News, a report says. There's a major fraud problem in the booming legal marijuana business. An investigation claims there is corruption in some testing labs. Driven by the demand for THC GMOs Holly Menino breaks down the claims and why customers might not be getting what they pay for legal marijuana is growing in the U. S. It's a $17 billion per year business. But according to an investigative report by FIVETHIRTYEIGHT, the industry is rife with fraud and you may be getting ripped off. Consumers are looking for as much THC as they can get. Which is creating financial rewards for having more THC and products. That's also creating some really perverse incentives in the market to fraudulently inflate how much THC is actually in that product. THC tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It's what produces the sensation of being high. And experts say businesses often charge more for higher concentrations of it. The idea with a lot of consumers is that they're getting more value more bang for their buck. But there's a problem right when we can't trust the potency is on those labels. You know, it creates problems on on the whole market. Black says its reputation as the most important part of marijuana is overblown. There's over 100 other active compounds in the plant that affect how You get high when you consume cannabis, Fivethirtyeight found certain labs across a number of states required to test cannabis on legal farms before it can make its way to the marketplace have been caught inflating their numbers on THC. Potency. Passing moldy cannabis is safe and even making up results. The labs customer is the farm. So if the labs giving a.

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