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At a slower rate of cognitive decline compared to those who tentative little or no greens according to steady arthur dr martha clear morris at of nutrition science at rush medical college in chicago she says these those houston's quite strong it look niners fifty participants in a study called the memory and aging process project their average age eighty one none of them had dementia they wanted to see if they were going to progress towards memory decline they found that those who tended to eat the most reigns uh were less likely two experience cognitive decline uh so how much to take on average one point three servings per day a serving size is defined as a half cup of cooked rains or a cup of raw greens uh show uh surpri research is also pointed to a similar benefit a steady women published in two thousand six found that highconsumption of vegetables in reading of from an article here the times was associated with less cognitive decline among older women and in particular there was a protective effect for greater consumption of leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower each broccoli vegetables contain a range of.

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