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Provocation it's it's an agency that has that has sparked a war against an issue industry and continues to continues to to uh to vilify this industry uh you said it right the the trucks that the heaviest trucks if you're got talk about damage and we're going to push that back all day long but if you're gonna talk about weight the trucks that would do the heaviest damage the worst damage by federal highway standards are straight class six and seven trucks that they are not tolling but they are posting bridges throughout the stake four because of their their particular weight and axel configuration and by the way they're not restricting these trucks on the routes that they just ruled out than on to avoid that fortunately was push back but so there's a there's a a complete it's it's absolutely a joke a contradiction all over the place the left does not know what their rights doing and and all these exposures ultimately uh we hope and know that they are gonna come back to bite them in the end all right listen chris maxwell well you know this doesn't go away in ten so and then slow in the news cycle by dow i three to to vote today to not block you from certain road lays i think is a good thing i you know i was talking to someone in your industry earlier and saying i live kind over near that route 3 that was one of the roads that was going going to be targetted it seems that that that it fails but you know you want to jump off and go to the middle of nowhere diner and get a coffee in some eggs yeah he had we tell people on how to go through the course of a business how do you how do you it's a subjective decision how do you too side which trucks are are absent have a business there and dole it's it's again it's it's it's all the tangible yet it's also a dangerous it's a.

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