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Hello Boys and girls, ladies and germs. This is Tim ferriss welcome to another of the Tim Ferriss show and my guest today I'll keep this intro short Kelly slater many people know that name Kelly is widely considered the greatest surfer of all time. He holds nearly every major record and the sport including eleven, world titles and fifty five career victories. He also has the amazing distinction. Of being both the youngest end oldest world champion in men's history, his most dominant days were in the mid nineties when he won five street tunnels between nine, hundred, ninety, three and nineteen, ninety eight after topping Mark Richards previous record four straight titles. Kelly. Tried his hand retirement in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, he failed. He then rejoined the tour fulltime in two, thousand and two. spos- Sensiti had many many good years left and over the following five years faced his toughest rival in Hawaii's Andy. Irons. Who got the better of him for three straight years their heated battles became the most compelling in the sports history propelling it to new heights. Kelly finally reclaimed the title in two, thousand five and repeated into. That's thousand six, and of course, went on to gather many more titles, slater. That is Kelly. Slater of course, will also be remembered for the amazing. Wave poll technology that he and his team of engineers at Kelly slater wave co brought to life in two thousand fifteen. The technology has the potential to reshape the serving landscape for generations and you have to see video to really quite grasp and rock what that means but I encourage you to do so you can find him online at Kelly slater dot com and on instagram and facebook at Kelly slater, and without further ado please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Kelly Slater Kelly. Welcome to the show. Hey, thanks to him. I appreciate you making the time and speaking of time I want to just sort of set the table for people. So you and I are on opposite sides of the planet in a sense and I wanted to start with something that came up when we were texting because I know in scheduling this I am in. Texas you're currently in Australia, and so the choice was do crack Don your time or really late at night and we ended up doing late at night acids late your time and you texted about taking a two hour bath I actually do take a lot of bads just because it's kind of an easy way to just let your body detox not water I did. For about last two months I haven't been working out or really surfing very much. So this past week I started working out again and kind of built up a lot of the lactic acid, the muscles. With a friend of mine who's like a brother? Tom, Carroll, who was Two. Time World Champ back in the early eighties fellow surfer lives right up the street here from where I'm Stan and we spent a lot of time together years surfin in training together. But did a workout, the other day and I've been surfing last couple of days yesterday pretty hard and the day before that So you know there's muscles are just getting Kinda worked again that I don't usually sit in the let lethargic side of me build up too much. Especially this time of year I'm surfing almost every day. Usually let's talk about we touched on the baths for second. And we can't believe everything we read on the Internet but I did see for looking at. Morning routines did see that in an interview with huckleberry? It seems that you start a lot of your mornings with a glass of warm water with Lemon. Is that true? Or is that true? It is. Yeah just just to. Just get a little warmth going in the body loosen up. At obviously. Lemons. Really good for you alkalis even with acids alkalis in the body in Scott Lawton minerals and vitamins and earned. Just, a nice clean way to kind of wake your system up and to me, it feels better than putting something heavy in my body. Do you drink coffee I do a little bit. But I'm I'm a hundred percent not like a coffee addict I don't know really what good coffee is I kind of like the smell of coffee more than I like the taste of it. Has that always been the case with coffee or was. Know. I've never been a coffee drinker. I intentionally have really kind of stayed away from coffee. I, feel like I drink at a little bit now. Just, to be ready for it but. This one time I went to. visit reason I really don't drink coffee into France. and. We spend SORTA two months prior to going to France to compete. On West Coast time and time, and those are the events prior to going over to Europe. We get to Europe and we compete within like dare to getting there and it's nine hour time difference going east to NASA. Hardest thing when you fly east you just I don't care if it's from west coast to east coast I just the even three hours it's tough to get back on track. But when I fly over to Europe, it's really hard for me takes me almost a month of into like a morning routine. And I was going for a world title in the early two thousands of there and I drink coffee morning to wake up and I got the jitter. So bad I fell off on every wave of guy caught in this heat. It was a really crucial heat for me to try and win and If I win that he was pretty much a shoo in for the world title at Urine. I did everything possible lose that heat in somehow one it but it was good I drink a big coffee in the morning he didn't have any food. So it really kind of scared me away from coffee. Now. This might be in please correct me from wrong but I asked you for an I. Appreciate you contributing to my last book travel mentors and the question was how a failure or apparent failure set you up for success do you have a favorite failure of yours and you mentioned I narrowly lost a world title in surfing two thousand three after basically having a locked it up. The month prior and then he went on to talk about how it felt terrible. But Trivia to clear up a lot of things was that the same competition or a different competition knows different competition could you speak to that that loss two, thousand three since we're on it just how that came to be and what it driven to do afterwards, he had to bring that up on him. Just the humanize the immortal superhuman Kelly slater. Figure Worcester No. I'm kidding actually I I do look back at that as I mean obviously there's no world title it is sitting in your hands that slips through that. You're not upset about on some level, but if I could go back and change anything I really. Don't think I would. It was a real, very clear. Indication of where things were going wrong for me and also. To sorta charge the battery backup, make me dig deeper and competitively speaking and Skillset speaking with my surfing at motivation all these things it was just kind of a reset for me rebooting the software, my brain in lots of ways, and those are tough lessons I lost that world title Andy Irons. When I was in a relationship that was just wrong. I literally didn't sleep the night before that competition in a fight with my then girlfriend literally the whole night he was fighting with my mom, it was just a night. CLO- CEREBRAL I didn't even wake up the next morning, I didn't sleep. Maybe I got thirty minutes forty minutes asleep at night I walked out of my house the next morning walk behind the House and I saw two friends of mine in. Believe my little brother are too and I just just started.

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