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Going to hand it back off to my colleague Doug kisner for look at how things are shaping up for this Asian trading day Midweek Definitely Steve we had all time highs today where the down the S&P 500 were concerned a number of corporate earnings helping to boost sentiment thinking principally here of UPS profit above estimates the company also raised its margin outlook for operating margins up to 13% and then we had that GE reporting earnings above estimates By the way UPS shares were up 7% today GE rising 2% At the end of the day the Dow was up about a tenth of 1% a record high 35,776 the S&P better by two tenths of 1% an all time high 45 75 the NASDAQ composite up just a tenth of 1% Now we also have at the margins lawmakers look like they're inching toward a bipartisan infrastructure Bill Senate majority leader Schumer was saying he thinks it's within reach and then on top of that the day's economic news was upbeat September new home sales up 14% from the prior month October consumer confidence surprised to the upside And we had the Richmond fed manufacturing survey rising to a reading of 12 accompanied by big jump in new orders Ten year treasury though interestingly last quoted in New York at one 60 we'll be talking about a lot of this price action as we continue here on daybreak Asia and another look at markets in about 15 minutes Steve Big earnings week as you said Doug alphabet's quarterly revenue beating estimate sales were $53.6 billion about $1 billion above analyst projections The results reflect growth in ecommerce However revenue for alphabet's cloud unit that was slightly amiss at around $4.99 billion The unit has gained some market share but it's still lagging far behind leaders like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Now looking ahead alphabet's fortunes remain highly dependent on macroeconomic factors including supply chain issues But for the moment marketers are still spending on alphabet's platforms like Google and YouTube to reach customers And I'm looking at class a shares in alphabet right now down about 6 tenths of 1% of the late U.S. session We go next to Microsoft The company's cloud based software helped drive robust quarterly sales and profit growth more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet They topped analyst estimates for an 11 straight quarter revenue in the first quarter ending September 30th climbed 22% to $45.3 billion that exceeded the $43.9 billion average estimate of analysts polled by Bloomberg CEO Sutton Abdullah has extended the company's success in cloud computing by lining up a steady stream of deals for Azure software which stores data and runs applications for corporations Internet based office programs also keep growing as Microsoft convinces customers to pay up for high end versions and expanded contracts In New York Charlie pallets Bloomberg daybreak Asia Time for global news the FDA advisory panel has approved the use.

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