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Mp. I in the summer of fifteen eighteen. Hundreds of townspeople took to the streets of strasbourg in modern day. France to dance feverishly until they collapsed. Some even died. They weren't celebrating their pain and distress was clear. They literally couldn't stop themselves. Mma tune in nineteen forty. Four may have been just as uneasy as strasbourg was in fifteen eighteen. Many residents had loved ones fighting overseas in world war. Two and particularly nasty strain of the flu had swept through the region with so many people on edge. It wouldn't take much to ignite panic after mateen's citizens heard reports of a phantom anesthetist if they caught with a cooking gas or sweet perfume it could trigger panic likewise in a town that's had multiple reports of mysterious break-ins someone might see. A squirrel rustling in the bushes and assume a prowler was at their window or believe an ordinary shadow from a tree belongs to a fleeing attacker. This phenomenon is known as confirmation bias. That's the human impulse to interpret information to suit your predetermined beliefs. We've discussed it pretty extensively in previous episodes. Let's say for whatever reason you're convinced. That cake has medicinal properties. You eat some cake and start to feel better. You're going to be more likely to attribute the positive gains to the slice. Just eight even. If you've been resting and drinking plenty of water. If you read a study that supports your opinion. That cake is medicine. You'll accept it as true. If you read a contradicting report. You're more likely to explain it away. You might say that. The person who published the information owns pie shop in wants to defame cake or might just call them a liar. Confirmation bias can color people's political and religious identity. It's one reason that hard data isn't always effective at changing people's minds about their deeply held beliefs and in the case of the mad gasser. It might have inspired people to interpret ordinary sights and sounds as evidence that they were under attack. why not they already believe. The culprit could be anywhere walking among them. Say you have loose window panes. Every time the wind blows their little bit. You're so used to it. You barely notice the sound until one day after you read a new story about a mad gasser and you assume the rattling noise must be someone trying to break into your house and this wouldn't be the only example in which confirmation bias lead to mass psychogenic illness take for example the june bug epidemic of nineteen sixty two as the name implies. The incident began in june nineteen sixty to a woman at an american based textile factory. Fell mysteriously ill. After supposedly opening a box of fabric shipped from england. The woman whom will call barbara saw a bug bite on her skin just as she experienced a slew of strange symptoms including fatigue nausea and disorientating within moments. She broke out in a full body rash. Her supervisor suspected that she'd come down with the flu in to go home but barbara was adamant that an insect had given her a disease the following day. Several more workers fell ill at their stations. Within three days sixty three employees reported experiencing symptoms similar to barbara's the media began asking questions about hazardous work conditions and the factory had no choice but to temporarily shut down. They underwent a full insect inspection and fumigation but besides a few nets and beetle. No bugs turned up confident. That conditions were safe. The factory owners call their workers back the assured their employees that their symptoms were all in their heads and it worked the illnesses abruptly stopped just like edmonton reports of gassing ceased after the chief of police see cole publicly declared that the town was in the grips of a mass hysteria on the heels of his announcement. The citizens realized there was nothing to be afraid of so they stopped imagining gas-attacks. As an explanation mass hysteria also cleared up the puzzling lack of motive for anyone conducting the so-called attacks all along police were flummoxed by the. Here's unpredictability the victims. Were seemingly random from walks of life and races. Nothing was ever stolen from their homes now. They had an answer. The guests who didn't need a motive because they didn't exist in short m. p. is can explain a lot of the circumstances surrounding the tune gas-attacks but there are a few details. That don't add up. I the victims don't exactly fit the profile of a population that's normally susceptible to a mass psychogenic illness but more importantly an n. p. I can't explain why the earliest victims imagine the exact same attack reports of the mad gasser or made public so maybe chief coups mass hysteria theory was actually part of a cover up coming up. 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