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And kqe ifm eighty nine point three north highland sacramento timeouts to thirty i'm carol hills wolf heart kuts grew up in communist east germany and when the berlin wall fell got to read his stasi secret police filed by rip kurman then i influence the young people were some you'll to go from tougher frank zappa under communism i had on the world boom bbc news with julie butler presidency of egypt says he will respond with fist off two gunmen attacked a mosque in sinai killing two hundred thirty five people it's one of the worst attacks in egypt's recent history the moscow's popular with sufi worshippers who follow a form of islam which the extremists see as heretical said bob was new president emerson and gagua has promised to open the nation up to the world at his inauguration in harari he said sanctions against his you should be lifted but he insisted there was no going back controversial land repossessions in zimbabwe the united nations says four peacekeepers have been killed and several injured in two separate attacks in mali several extremist groups operate in the country all of them linked to alqaeda turkey's foreign minister manfalut lewis said the united states has agreed to stop supplying arms to the kurdish militia group the white pg which has said the fight against islamic state militants he said this was discuss during a phone call between his president air to one and president trump the white house was less explicit about america's plans on the kurdish militia it said military support apart is on the ground in syria was being adjusted the art and time president mauricio macri says he's ordered a thorough investigation into what happened to a navy submarine that disappeared last week he said it was important to know why the vessel had apparently suffered an explosion thousands of people in potent of how protest against two new bills which they say threaten the law if approved they will give parliament and and the president a greater say in the appointment of judges and the lutheran church in sweden has updated its liturgy to make it less masculine in future the word gton trinity will be used instead of the male laud the judge said god was above characteristics like.

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