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Some lockdown? Escapism I'm planning to Binge emporer. The sadly underrated Kerry. Hetty Wayne from investigates. Joe. I'd never watched Haiti Wayne so you've you've introduced me to it I'm going to have to because I. Respect your view. I'M GONNA have to give a watch the other thing you know if you want some just really gentle sleuth, three Shakespeare and hathaway. have been sharing during the day over the last few years is great fun and really sweet. It's a bit like an even more ridiculous. MIDSOMER murders certain stratford-on-avon. and obviously nobody can. POIROT. Can't stand per. He's detective. You Know A. Fan I'm not particularly gina the worst one. What was that one the? That that floppy head comedian. He Salaun Somebody Allen Davis. Jonathan Craig Oh, my God, that was awful. It was the same former every single week. And you're thinking. This is just a outta shied. But it wasn't actually that wasn't really a it. That was more sort of comedy thriller retying. Wasn't it full. Over. How did it happen rather than? Have you been watching the pre poisonings? No I, haven't always bruce good. Yeah, it really is about the does does one weaknesses in the eight looks at it completely from the view of the Salisbury community and the police and the director of Public Health, most of is actually through the eyes of a female doctor, public health, and it's fascinating and they reconstructed it brilliantly, but the there's nothing about what was going on in Westminster Um hole in the security agencies and I I just thought they could've actually instead of three episodes they could have made it into five and actually done the whole thing properly whereas I mean. Maybe they're doing that separately. I don't know, but and you get a few news clips in it. Is, usually with Simon McCoy which they always use him in these things and I think they were actually genuine news clips, but am I thought they missed a slight trick there. I've watched two of them I'm going to review it in my reaction Column Fried 'cause I really happy. It's the sort of thing the babysit does brilliantly I think they ought to do a lot more overt. I was I will give it a look, and even more so if I'm going to be able to avoid the cringe genus of Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting that the samples should be sent over to Russia written order that they could be tested by the Russians as well but I do hope we can have those two Russian agents talking about how they visited Salisbury on the base. Of the spire. I've actually never been to solve review. I don't think I have. Not I mean they got lovely could leave you with a very nice spiral shape we we've got a question from someone later. He's very offended. The I haven't been to Bristol more than once, but. Anyway. Let's move on Robin White. says an I don't really understand why he's asking this. What is the most racist food or Syria leave Eytan? Is that something happened that that relates to the. Hukou, never racist, food or cereal. It's that. We don't think you can say sorry anyway. He has a proper question I recently. I recently entered a new relationship. Is there a certain length? Of Time. Before. That really was a good laugh. Is there a certain length of time before chef photos of us? The happy couple on social media well, of course we do know someone else has entered a new relationship. When can we look forward to your photos Jackie? I've. I've gone slightly Ghana unnecessary. What sort of as a you're looking? At US number ones right. Okay, okay. No no food well. Yes, you share yours, but I not sharing. You should also now. We've played that. He has met some of my family now. Though say really yes, I'm how to..

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