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Japan's chief cabinet secretary called this a serious and grave threat to his country the launch comes just days after the north fired three shortrange ballistic missiles into the sea and a month after its second intercontinental ballistic missile which analysts say could in theory reach the us mainland the last north korean projectile to fly over japan was in two thousand nine it was widely condemned by the international community elise hugh npr news seoul police in the eastern new mexico town of clovis say to people are dead from a shooting monday afternoon in a public library four people were injured the alleged gunman has been arrested is motive isn't clear clovis mayor david lansford is shaken community or community as a community life and the sanctity of life any y lives in this community is precious raw hurting right now as a result what the place clovis is about two hundred miles east of albuquerque near the border with texas it's home to cannon air force base this is npr there is a heat wave baking parts of california and arizona the national weather service predicts recordbreaking he will continue through parts of southern california through the end of the week temperatures have risen to above one hundred ten degrees in western arizona temperatures have soared to above one hundred fifteen degrees a male nurse in germany who was serving a life sentence for killing two patience is now being linked to at least eighty four more patient deaths npr seraya at sarhadi nelson reports from berlin police say most of the deaths could have been prevented if german health officials had acted more quickly news hurdle said during his trial that he used heart trucks induce cardiac arrest in his patience because he enjoyed trying to revive at would thus others vera mr fischler police chief you'll hyungkeun told reporters that subsequent exhumations of huggins patients in northwestern germany who were then tested for traces of them stratas i've now up the death toll to eighty six.

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