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Meanwhile, nowhere is the recent covert spread worse than in Southern California, where the head of the California Funeral Directors Association says mortuaries are being inundated with the new year underway. Companies are looking at ways to get people back into the office, but Do employees want to go back? Tom Gimbel, CEO of the LaSalle Network, a staffing agency, says employees are pushing back many enjoying their work at home situation. A lot of employees were going to push the envelope in, say, Pound the table. I demand to work from home. And they're gonna have to have some companies and some leaders that stand up and say Here's why we're not going to do that. This sounds like a conflict. Well, I think it could be, And so does Tom Gimbel. This CEO, he says so much has changed, but he doesn't believe those changes are permanent. The workplace has changed because there isn't one anymore for a lot of companies. In this virtual world, but I think it's a temporary fix their temporary situation. I don't think the long term solution will be remote work. In terms of a blueprint for getting people back into the office. Tom says there isn't one and that cos we're going to have to take a close look at what they want their culture to be. What really wanes during remote work is collaboration and on boarding of new employees. If you're a company that's going to stay the same size. With the same people in the same tenure. Remote work may be OK, but it's very hard to collaborate in innovative when you're not together. It would be hard to onboard someone you know. How do you hire now? Yeah. I mean, I assume a lot of people are gonna be hiring through Zoom and that sort of thing. But on boarding some someone, making them feel any sense of a spree, decor or cohesion with the rest of the team that would be difficult to do remotely big challenge. So finally, if you're on the other side of this, and you've been an employee, and you've been working very hard throughout the pandemic, can you approach the boss for a raise? Tom says. This is a question of Emotional intelligence. First, you have to know. Did your company grow revenue? If that's the case, then you have a little bit stronger room to stand on if they didn't, But you feel that you excelled. You have to really understand why you excelled, and this is the emotional Intelligence party are is every employee needs to look at what their contributions were for the year. It's almost like putting a resume together. What were you tasked with? What did you accomplish? What were the results? Another words, read the room or read the corner office suite. It you know, frankly, doesn't sound a whole lot different than pre pandemic when going in and asking for a raise. Yeah, we've had difficulties with, you know. A different industries air having varying levels of difficulties, right and and some businesses are are thriving and doing quite well. We're doing very well. Go see Amazon and go on and on and on. And with all the online outfits that are doing so well right now, right? Okay. Very interesting aside, I wonder what it's gonna look all we still don't know what it's gonna look like the office. No, 8. 20 is the time to get up to the road. Brian Nobles..

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