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Of fires are human caused everyone not to burnt debris contain all campfires and sting wish any fire until it's cool to the touch it's so dry out there yeah it's said dries can be it's typical here in july and especially in august to see really dry weather and of course the dry fuels starting to become a more persistent here throughout the pacific northwest good news is the red flag warning that we did have in place almost all day long through eastern washington has just expire that had been in place because we had a lot of dry heat temperatures today in the colombiabased were approaching the century mark very low humidity and we have be gusty wind picking up on top of that now we just have the lingering red flag warning in place for parts of idaho in western montana would not be surprised to see another one issued here in the state of washington tomorrow is to the cascade quest as even oh cool down i'll be rather gusty this is the reason you can see a partly cloudy skies right now over downtown seattle but the marine layer on the move it's getting gusty out there are westerly onshore flow which will help to cool off the entire state tomorrow but at the same time it can results and gusty winds there on the back side of the cascades around this out of the mountains it will cool with down a little bit worried dropping into the 50s in the low 60s right now it's been breezy throughout the evening already through the strait of juan de fuca and through the show hey gap as sign that that marine layer is marching in so what that would mean to you it's going to see our increasing clouds deck as we head into early sunday morning maybe even a little bit of patchy missed and drizzle out of the gate and early sunday right around sunrise temperatures beginning in the fifties by the noonhour were only in the low 60s starting to partially clear out but certainly a cooler day around western washington tomorrow compared to what we saw in our saturday today what about for the rest of the.

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