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Did you know that Tylenol can also help with hurt feelings as well? It's true. According to research at the university of Florida, they tested a C, which is the active ingredient in Tylenol against placebo on people suffering loneliness emotional distress or hurt feelings, they took five hundred milligrams in the morning and five hundred again at night, and those who took the Tylenol felt much more upbeat than the people who took the placebo. The researchers say that's because a seat benefit and can reduce activities in regions of the brain that govern our emotions. And that is something you should know. Inside your home is a world of living creatures many of which are invisible, but these creatures they are your roommates, and they have a real impact on you. They're very different than the creatures that live in the outdoor environment. And since today, we spent a lot more time indoors than our ancestors. Did it's important to understand this fascinating environment. That is your home what these creatures are that are living there, and what affect they have on. You rob done is a biologist and professor in the department of biological sciences at North Carolina State university, and he's author of several books. His latest is never home alone from microbes to millipedes camel, crickets and honeybees the natural history of where we live,.

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