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Thomas Karen not date. The Yankees are circling Corey Seager. How real is it and will they be denied? Anthony Rizzo's family says he wants to come back to the yanks, which family member is it? An uncle, a weird aunt that we don't really talk about, who knows, but it's time to start thinking about what Rizzo's future in pinstripes might look like. And that brings you to Luke Voight, a non tender is a possibility. You want to complain about not getting enough at the trade deadline and diminishing his value in the second half and all the things the Yankees did. Now is the time because if all you can do is non tender Luke voigt, that's a bad look. Make sure to find us on Apple podcast Google podcast, Spotify wherever you get your podcasts. Drop us a 5 star review along the mailbag question will be more than happy to answer it. You might notice I no longer have a voice. I've been in Los Angeles for 5 days, enjoying the company of good friends, spending time at a wedding. I had a lovely time. I broke into Dodger Stadium. I did do that. I will talk about it. But Thomas Karin and I'm not gonna make you carry the ship. I'm here. I'm vibing, I'm good, but if people, like, I wish this were a live podcast record. So the people could give us live feedback. It's very unpleasant to listen to you and I'd be like, great, I'll back off. Welcome back, dude. Glad to have you run on the ship. I don't know if I like run on the ship. Sometimes I do, depending on if the, if the topics really get me incensed, which a couple did while you were gone, but I will say, you did the one man pods when I do the one man pause, I usually just tap him at like 20 minutes. You were going full length one man. I don't even realize. Yeah, I didn't even know I was just talking and then I'm like, oh shit, 35 minutes. All right, enjoy it. More for you people. I know you don't like it, but it's for the haters. It's for you more for you of the thing that you hate here comes. Enjoy it. But yeah, we got a lot to talk about today. A lot of tertiary things too. We got game one of the World Series, which was we're going to love the result of that. Questions surrounding the Dodgers off season two, which is going to affect the yanks in some capacity..

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