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Welcome to ruin back guys day radio podcast with fraud expert skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks learn the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team and held to prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. Hello. Everyone woke umn to ruin a bag is day radio. Hello, hey. I'm skin Myers. I'll be your host today. Welcome back. It's been exciting week spoke to a lot of different people this week in fraud. And as always, I really really appreciate your feedback. Your emails and anything else that you can send me regarding questions and how we should really keep leading the way with the fraud education awareness that we're all here to provide and really helped ruin a bad guys day, and I sincerely appreciate your feedback. And all the great great comments that are coming in through guys. So if you're expecting one of those scripted the nila reality world looking type podcasts. Well, you're at the wrong place. This is sometimes an unscripted for real from a real practitioner seeing what's really going on in the real real world in trying to piece things together. So that we can all work together partner collaborate. So we have a convergence of. Ideas in synergies around us together. Collectively all the experts in this industry coming together to ruin a bad guys day. I can't say enough. How important is that? When we do truly work together. We can really make an impact for the good. And that's really exciting news. Anyway, I want to go out there. And really celebrate something right now, the really been working on some some products that we've been working on here, Rooney bad guys day radio, we have t shirts some put these for men and women. We got some coffee cups with the Rooney bad guys day radio logo. So somebody who have been asking about that. There's a website now, I'll have it in the podcast notes is through t spring products. But those products and all different colors shapes and sizes, and the all familiar and very popular. Runar bag is day radio. Coffee Cup is available now at fifteen percent off. That's right right now, a lot of people been one in some more products than I really want to get this off the ground and going in real really love to see some of you wearing the t shirts or having fun. Drinking out of that great looking coffee mug at your home or office. But right now fifteen percent off coupon coat that we developed called. Thank you, just thank you. Because I do thank you for everything. You guys are doing and the variation. You're giving me to continue doing this podcast. So right now fifteen percent off all of our t-shirts all shapes and sizes men and women we got hoodies and the coffee cups, and we're still developing some other products to that hopefully make this a lot more fun and enjoyable so right now fifteen percent off those t shirts use the coupon code. Thank you at checkout. The actual link will be in the podcast notes. Do you have any questions feel free to Email me at Bruna bad guys day had g mail dot com. So also to thank one of our sponsors this week. And I can't say enough for this company that it is really involved in the fight against fraud. And that's dash lane dash lanes password management company, as we all know, they have some other competitors. But dash lane is one of the best pass. As word management companies out there right now and right now dash off for thirty day money back guarantee for their dash lane premium package, and that's only four dollars ninety nine cents per month. That's build annually. And what they do they take, you know, they take your password to make it easier for you to Storting use it among abroad breath of different websites. So what they say is get the next level visual protection for simple safe, browsing at home work and everywhere in between dash lame premium combines unlimited password storage, all sinked across all your devices with dark web monitoring in AVI. PIN for wifi protection is the easiest solution for auto filing those passwords and personal information. Combine with Vance tools that you'll never ever want to be without. So that's great package. Dash lanes linked to that great deal right now four dollars ninety nine cents per month. What a great deal to enhance your. Security and your passwords. It's unlimited password storage, they provide benefits sync across almost every device instant formed in payment auto feeling capabilities again, I said before this dark web monitoring, which is great with personalized alerts. VPN this available for your wifi, protection and everything secured file storage capabilities. So I would highly recommend you check that out to see that fits your

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