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Now as Lindsay pointed out earlier, it really then might matter whether we have a democratic or Republican governor at the time, a governor could. Veto the map, send it back to the legislature to have it redrawn, but but it looks like it looks like there's going to be no legislative change in how the districts are redrawn by going to an independent commission running out of time here. But there's one more question when ask you in particular Terry. So we do have these new congressional maps for this this race. Are you seeing just even if it's just for this year, sort of politics being changed in terms of who's running and the kinds of racist were seeing in Pennsylvania's? Well, first of all, we have a record number of of women running. Twenty-three women ninety four people actually filed for the eighteen congressional districts twenty three of them. Women ran eight survived the primaries. Seven of them Democrats were likely to have. It looks like conceivably put it that way for women could go into a delegation. That doesn't have a single woman. We haven't had one since two thousand and four. Eighteen when congresswoman Allyson Schwartz ran for governor. The bottom line here is that we're going to see a big change in the Pennsylvania delegation. The Democrats could pick up between five and eight seats, Pennsylvania will we'd be one of the three or four states that determine whether the Democrats get twenty three seats and take control of the of the federal house. So that might happen this year, but we still have that persistent question about whether you know, fair districts can be a permanent part of Pennsylvania politics. So we're gonna come back to this probably next year Lisi Lazar ski, multimedia journalist for WHYY and keystone crossroads immediate nonprofit focused on the state's political challenges. It's been so great to have in reporting has been so thorough on this. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you and Terry, Madonna professor of public affairs director of the center for politics and public affairs at Franklin and Marshall college. Thank you as well are pushing. And by the way I want. Want folks to know that all this weekend. We went to the Lehigh valley. We've been here in Philadelphia, and we've got reporting on what we saw and the voters we talked to. It's all at on point, radio dot, Oregon. On our Facebook page, we've got photos of voters and candidates and organizers and the Lehigh valley that's at on point radio on Facebook, check it out, and I want to give a special thanks to the staff at WHYY for hosting us today, including Adams. Stanton, chef ski, Joyce Lieberman, new Maistre Obin shangen tab. Julian Hirschfeld. Lindsey, Lazar ski, and dick polman today. You guys have been tremendous host. Thank you so much. WHYY on point is produced by Annabelle mande Brian Hartson ski Eileen a modest funnel cuts, Sonus Hillary mcquilken Ellison, poli James Ross, Alex rotor, Tanya rally, kyri Thompson, and Miriam Wasser. Karen Shiffman is our executive producer. I'm gonna chocolate bardy. This is on point.

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