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Passing game here's a challenge for the seahawks defensively is what are they going to do for this three tied in set they'll bring an extra often sablan alignment and keep to tied ends on the field and they know they'll split earth's out and and you know you some isolation oneonones looking for that man a man match up so huge challenge for the seahawks defensively now normally would go into this game and say well at no we feel good about one side of the football game or 25 not suiting up and so it was going to be a challenge covering the entire field versus this quarterback what the other thing too is watching philadelphia their defense not that the production but the cockiness of it reminds me of a young seahawks defense they have some good players in the back fielded in mcleod out and jenkins and they have their having a lot of fun it seems like they're having more funding all double teams that comes with winning but they play with a cockiness on defense that i think will allow them to make up for some things is going to make it really difficult i think for the seattle seahawks to move the ball as well as a point yet you'll give bill schwartz credit their defensive coordinator igor given a lot of praise the filly here in and partly as they deserve it there they've won ten game listen and we can solve them up we they've got they got issues to now there's no perfect team i mean look they're tackles are not great you can get them if we can get him in passing situations and they release all of them there there's some opportunities i think he's been sacked twenty five times i mean it's not like they protect perfect but bill schwartz defensive coordinator they play so sound and there are three linebackers man i'm telling you nigel brad out i would say name bradley bradley a joe walker in and michael kendrick's they are there so fun to watch and they're just good smart football players pattern read all that stuff so just it does remind me a little bit of a cr team that's just flying around well coats and i was watching a game last week forty er game you know we give up some place in the running game and it's because we weren't discipline and you guys were just kinda go on a different gap.

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