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A smarter. Much to me. Gallery. Yeah. Calls him as he sees him. He has a clearly defined strike zone. And he will call balls and strikes without batting an eye. There's no doubt about that. He called me the peanut gallery. You know, we all pick our spots. Go ahead. Let's face it. Let's face. It. You make a lit. You know, Willie always talks about making bowel Rushmore and all this stuff and radio and everything else. Well, you take you take lose mount Rushmore. And I think Marty's, you know, any list you put on, you know, a mount Rushmore cincinnatian thank Marty's on it. You know, Marty Brennaman in Cincinnati. His voice is recognized by everybody. You know, he he's doesn't like the guy. So. I mean, I make enemies, you know, Marty Brennaman makes it even the people he take shots at because of the odyssey and candor. I I think they he gets away with that. So I mean, okay, real quickly in this first segment bulldog on the mount Rushmore of Cincinnati broadcast grades. We all we both agree that Marty Brennaman should be on that mountain. Would you choose the poofy hair fancy boy Marty Brennaman or the the closely shorn haired Marty Brennaman I like the closely short mardi, obviously being follicly-challenged myself. I I I like that. All right bulldog. We'll take a break and come back more with the bulldog barks before midnight on the nightcap on seven hundred wwl w..

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