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Say Chevrolet dot com w B A P first traffic and weather on the ones 75 on those sound Pound sided Spring Creek Parkway. The wreck remains couple left lanes or taken away. Still heavy. They're back toward Bethany. Dr. When we had a mosquito on 6 35 north and on Highway 80 did clear out the laser kind of shifted up to the north. There from my thirties you move over past Carmen Rodent. Stop it! Go from that point over towards Skilling on Delia. We do have a report of a new problem North found Luke 12 Walter Walker at the murder of 9 35 East. We're gonna check that out as well. When W b A p first traffic on the ones I'm Monty could only classic Chevrolet Ingrate bind can bring a classic red, white and blue sales event. This Big America's largest selection of Silverado Tahoes and Suburbans Shop Classic Chevrolet, calm by new roads. Trying so Well, just Brad Martin and the W B A P Weather center. We have a few clouds around this morning. I think we'll see more son this afternoon and will probably make it up to 69 or 70. Mid day before wins. Snap around to the northwest, and then we'll have a Cold front routine covert coming through low tonight, 40 and then 58 for the high Tomorrow and 60 on Saturday, but Arctic air could be in here sometime next week. Right now and W b a p. 63 degrees. Is brought to you by men's Edge Medical Center, a Republican leaning group is looking to get back to what it calls traditional values by the Republican Party by launching a billboard campaign in North Texas that calls on Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Louie Gohmert to resign. Olivia Troy is co director of the Republican Accountability Project and says the group's goal is to pull wine to support that principle to Republicans who came forward stood by their oath to the Constitution and defended our democracy. Secondly, on the project is really be accountability aspect. The group is targeting Cruz and Gomer because it believes they help incite the deadly U. S. Capitol riots by objecting to electoral college votes. The House is gearing up for a vote today on whether to remove representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia from her committee assignments over her past outing of conspiracy theories, such as suggestions the Maskell shooting there staged and that the California wildfires were the product of a Jewish space laser correspondent Rachel Sutherland. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a freshman from Georgia could be a country mile from committee assignments by the end of the day as Democrats prepared to remove her from the education and budget panels over Syria's of rabble rousing comments. GOP congressman Jim Jordan warns. That is a dangerous road to head down, particularly when in this situation, it's the Democrats who were saying we're going to kick this individual off. The committee's House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement saying past comments from and endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene on school shootings, political violence and anti Semitic conspiracy theories. Do not represent the values or beliefs of the House Republican Conference. Rachel Sutherland. Fox is the Canadian government has designated the far right group, the proud boys a terrorist entity, the government said the group played a quote pivotal role in the deadly DC riot. The group has been known for engaging in violent clashes that political rallies nationwide. The terrorist designation means the group may have assets seized and face harsher terrorism related criminal penalties. Taking a look at the early numbers on Wall Street. The Dow was up 82 points, NASDAQ Up 45 points and the S and P. 500 up 10 points from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is, said 9 24 7 coverage at wkbw Com. What did you learn when is from the loss? So it's a better feeling so we still have a lot to learn. As long as you keep playing off our defense or offense is gonna flow. That's a big key for us Mavericks car Jalen Bronson after they beat the Hawks in Atlanta last night, Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plano Sports desk. I'm Steve Lamb..

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