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Things to talk about here. Today and let's go ahead and start by explaining what you do as a head risk manager down there. I'm sure a lot. The people want to get a perspective from the other side of the counter and we'll be doing that throughout the season here looking at sharp action for college on the n._f._l. Looking at the movement of lions stuff stuff like that. What what do you do down there at d._s. Eyebrows and really like i mean we used to call things like bookmakers and stuff like that which is really kind of gives the impression of you're you're just taking care of books but the reality is that what we do now is managing risk for the company. <hes> you do that both on a game by game basis in terms of looking at your exposure <hes> how how much money is on one side versus another. We also do that on risk manager on a player level as well. You want to be able to identify your sharper customers as quickly as possible. Use the those guys tear advantages well and book off with them is hoping that we do there are other books out there who will simply try imbalance the books in terms of having as as much money waited on side a as you have on side b and they moved numbers regardless of of risk of a number falling to do that whereas we kind of kind of like let the sharps ghitis lightest and try and take a stand in terms. Okay the sharps go in this way the public school and the other way i think long term the sharp is gonna win and we're going to hold a position not be exposed to much now again. That all comes comes down to numbers. Come into play when you're talking football and stuff like that the most key numbers being three and seven so you maybe wouldn't be so shot to move off a number like from say four and a half to five or the five and a half and stuff like that but we definitely would-be shied number three where you're just kind of comes in wall so you know no. It's a decision making process that we have on a on a game by game basis and it goes real fast. You're you're taking a look at who bet the money you know whether it was a sharp sharp guy <hes> guy you haven't figured out yet you also have to look at the market and where the market is right now where the market seems to be going you kind of want to read the tea leaves a bit and it's also you know a dollar value how much guy i bet and how sharp now you may have a real sharp guy who tries to fly under the radar and bet small say like like a nickel on a football game where he got guys a little bit up to five times on a football game and not be sharp so you gotta take all those things into account and it's really i mean it's just changes every single day you come up with different things which is kinda why i love this industry well and something i want to focus on a little bit here you know the term risk manager in and of itself has a different connotation depending on the sports book that you're looking at because as some places aren't willing to take a whole lot of risk..

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